Tandem X2 and Basal-IQ

It might be time for me to tough through the inquiry process and see what my cost would be to get back to pumping.

There are probably going to be some changes to my insurance, so it probably makes sense for me to get the Tandem X2 now. I’m still on the Dexcom G5, but, from what I read, there is no time limit to upgrading to the Basal-IQ function. Basically, I can update the software once I get the G6 system.

Who is using the X2 with the Basal-IQ function? I’d love to hear your stories about it.

Hi @Regina I have been using the X2/G6 Basal-IQ for about a month now and here is my review so far.

The first week I had it I decided to go on a 4 hour hike (I’m in New England, so lots of hills). I usually have to manage my temp rates and load up on snacks, but instead with the Basal-IQ I did none of that and I was stable and did not dip below 70. I did not snack at all. When I stopped for lunch midway I bolused normally for it and rested for about 20 min. Then I resumed my hike. No lows at all after that either. I was really impressed. I just let it do its thing, and I also made an effort to not look at my CGM. It was a really enjoyable hike in a very long time.

It does what it claims to do. It “tries” to keep you above 70. However, I still go low sometimes. If I have a lot of IOB and I decide to go do yard work or wash my car I still go low - perhaps not as low though.

So, it’s not magic, it won’t take our Diabetes away, but it is the first step.

Also, the G6 integrates with the X2 seamlessly. I still start my sessions on my iPhone, and when I do the X2 just starts receiving the readings on its own. You don’t have to click extra buttons etc, it just works. And I NEVER calibrate…

The next phase, Control-IQ, will be a game changer.


I was just wondering this myself and posted on someone else’s topic. Well I was wondering the cost of the new Tandem pump. I currently use the Medtronic Revel and Dexcom G5. I have used the Dexcom since before I started using an Insulin pump. So when I tried Medtronics CGM and didn’t like it I switched back to Dexcom.

Im hoping the process to get the Tandem pump is not too complicated. I know when I originally got a pump I had to appeal a denial by the insurance.

That’s great. I definitely think that this is a great feature.

I think the best thing about Basal-IQ, and the upcoming Control-IQ, is that every 5 minutes it checks up on you - and makes adjustments.

It is like having a little guardian that is saying, every 5 minutes, “I have your back - I’m here to help you”


Yes, that would be great. I have a lot of times in the past let my numbers run higher to avoid lows. I have Hypounawareness so my Dexcom has helped a lot.

Thanks so much for the details, Anthony!

It’s pretty confirmed that my insurance is changing, so it makes sense to get the Tandem X2 now, which I’ll do in a week or two. I still might not wear it right away. I literally have a ton of insulin pens in in my fridge. I need to work my way through those. Also, I can burn a bit more time on my G5 because I won’t be using the suspend function without the G6 anyway. However, I can get the pump now simply because it’s the end of the year and my co-pay is really inexpensive.

Basal IQ is life changing when Dexcom is accurate. I used to so struggle with programming temp rates for exercise. Now I do nothing. I don’t think about it at all and no matter what I do it ends me at a cool 95. It’s unreal. Biggest down side is that a lot of my G6 sensors have been blah with accuracy. When I get a good one I wear it for 20 days.

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so I heard from somewhere that if you were on a competing product like the 630G that tandem had a special program where they would LEASE you a Tslim for the remainder of your warranty for $1,000 but then you had to return it or pay the difference in retail price less the $1,000. Sounds tempting, but I don’t know if I like the idea of having nothing at the end. They should at least credit you the $1,000 towards a new pump. My 630G doesn’t expire for a few more years, and my insurance has a lock on Medtronic anyway. Currently trying the Omnipod but not sure I like it.

My endo just told me today, at my 90-day recurring office visit (for Medicare) that the G6 is DEFINITELY less reliable than the G5. Something I already had presumed by all my travels across the internet, on the subject. I fear I’ll be forced onto the G6 either the middle of next year, or within 2 years, which is when my Medicare-provided non-touchscreen receiver is out of warranty. I LIKE THE G5. I’ve read SO many complaints about the G6 and never had I read so many about the G5.

The G6 being less accurate doesn’t really put me off of the idea of getting a Tandem. Like the G5, it’s going to get more accurate over time. However, that’s good to know to set expectations.

I’m on the G5 until my warranty expires sometime next year. (I should probably give a call to check when that is; it’s not on my Dexcom store site.)

The G6 isn’t less accurate, its less reliable.
Well, for most people. Some people have reported great results with their G6.
I am hoping this is just a teething problem for Dexcom that they get straightened out ASAP.

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Look up. At least one person said it was less accurate. Whatever works for you, so swap in more reliable for more accurate. Either way, I hope they work it out.

However, it does seem like on the customer support side Dexcom is doing an awful job lately. I’ve heard some really bad feedback. At this point, I’ve been on a Dexcom for so long that it’s pretty second nature to me. I hope the transition to a G6 will be easy once it’s time. I’m stuck with the G5 for a few more months, so I have a bit of time.

I have tried the G6 for about a month and before that was on g5. I see far better performance with G6 however I don’t see how they approved it for no finger sticks. I have to calibrate both and the G6 for me is just like the G5 in that it is way off usually on day 1 or 2 but then settles and if restarted is even better for days 10 to 20. The G6 usually starts pretty good without calibrations but at some point I find it 40 or more points off till I calibrate so I don’t risk it.

I do notice if I shower the G6 is far less affected. Water always forced me to do extra G5 calibrations.

And like others have found the X2 with Basal IQ is super esp for sleeping, driving, or exercise.

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That’s interesting. I would figure you’d have to calibrate the G6 with finger sticks too. I’m pretty sure I’ll stick to the G5 standard, initially, when I’m on the G6. I did the same when the G5 went to two finger sticks. It took me awhile to get comfortable with that.

I’ve got trust issues. :wink:


You and me both, Regina (re: trust). LOL! I no longer bother with 2 finger stick–I just enter 1 result twice. I love the accuracy of the G5 (at least where I wear it, which is the abdomen. never tried anywhere else )


Dave, my advice is experience the G6 for yourself. I love the G6. And I haven’t performed a blood glucose test in about 2 months. No need. If you sit there trying to get the G6 to exactly match your BG you will drive yourself nuts.

BG meters have a tolerance of error as well, so comparing that to a G6 device that measures interstitial fluid is just too frustrating.

My 2 cents.


I’ve never expected my G5 to exactly match so I’d not have wild expectations of the g6. I can’t ask for the G6–I have to wait until Medicare provides it which no one knows, for those already on a G5. I’ve got a good idea of when NEW Medicare Dexcom patients will get the G6, but there is no info that I’ve run across that explains when G5 users will switch over.

I am running a G6 and the tandem x2. I have had bad sites with the G6; but once the site is up and working the accuracy is better with the G4/G5. The basal IQ is amazing with this pump; I still have to run temp rates when I exercise but its still great how it works for me at night while I am sleeping.

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Where on your body did u wear the G4 and 5, Ed? I’m curious because SOME people say the 6 is more accurate and others are having on heck of a time with sensor errors, not lasting 10 days, and a few other major gotchas. It seems like it is either “it’s great!”, or, “it’s horrible”. Such polar opposite comments about a product I don’t recall seeing before.