The Clubs That We Belong To

When I first joined Tu Diabetes I received a welcome message from someone asking me to check out the groups. I did just that and joined a whole bunch - 7 to be exact! But it really got me thinking about this group mentality - Am I defined by the fact I am are Type 1 diabetic, or that I use an insulin pen instead of a pump?

I talk a bit more about this in my newest blog post but I wanted to just say specifically to everyone here that I have been really inspired by Tu Diabetes and seeing that enormous list of groups! So many I don't belong to, but a few that I do. It really reiterates the fact that I'm not alone. If you wanna hear a bit more about this and also me admitting the stupidest thing I've ever done as a Diabetic, read below and click continue :)

In my experience as people, we tend to belong to all these clubs. It's part of how we define ourselves. Personally, I belong to the the club of being Diabetic. It's something I haven't wanted to take ownership of before, I've wanted to pretend it's not me. I've wanted to hide away from it. But, delving more and more into the online community - I've discovered, as Kerri from Six Until Me would say - "Diabetes doesn't define me, but it helps explain me." Continue

Hi Shonelle. I don't think my clubs are as interesting as yours, but here goes...

"Eat Good Stuff When I'm Low Club"
"Keep Putting New Batteries in My No-Longer-Use-Pump Club"
"Levemir Pen & Apidra Vial (Hoping for No Mistakes) Club"
"Try Not to Talk about My-Fascinating-Diabetes Club"


Haha I think I'm in the "Usually Eat Good Stuff When Low Club" - I'm good a lot of the time, but others I become a hungry monster and eat everything in sight!
I'm finding that since I've started becoming involved in the DOC I'm wanting to talk about my Diabetes more and just generally read more into it and the history! I'm realising how fascinating I find it! :)