The Day Breaks

On cold winter mornings like this your mind wonders to the warmer more pleasant times of summer having the windows open fully on nights were you could be forgiven for thinking you were in the tropics bedclothes throw back fans going and you still perspire from the heat,you drink lots of cold things well in my case water but it could be pink champagne it just takes a bit of imagination a cool dip in the sea the breeze blowing through your hair not mine of course as it is cut so you can see the lumps on my head some people read these lumps like some people read tea leaves or in my case tea bags for it seems that making tea with loose tea and having to use a tea strainer is a dying art, I could be wrong of course maybe you will let me know how you make you tea.

Dog barks and the silence of a Shropshire morn is broken the quietness of the night gives way to the hustle and bustle of the day people rushing around content to be in there own World ignoring the beauty of mother nature in search of happiness contentment that is staring them in the mush/face mush being a word from the 70s 80s or even long before that,a bird calls out to a mate a flock of crows join in more dogs bark the chitter chatter of school kids on there way to school full of eagerness to see what the day brings the rushing about starts a a very young age watching mom or dad doing the shopping having to get to that shelf first knocking the person who is standing there aside,it has my name on it so it is mine sort of mentality,the driver who just has to get past you on the road almost killing themselves from on coming traffic what is this madness which makes some people rush crazy,mother nature goes about her business daily come wind rain or shine taking her time making sure each leaf opens to absorb the goodness of the Sun the fruit on the trees fill out to feed the birds the caterpillars the grass grows so lambs cows and other beasts of the Earth can fill there appetites yet some of us me included nosh food like there is going to be no tomorrow,we throw millions of tons of food away uneaten while children starve this is not what mother nature had in mind for us but we go on doing it,Governments tell us global warming is here and suddenly prices rise taxes rise someone meaning you and me have to pay for it,while the rich get richer and the poor are brushed under the carpet.
We all get dragged along in the mistaken hope that those in charge know what they are doing it has become a World of close your eyes and it might go away instead of grasping the nettle and saying in this Paradise we call home there is plenty for everyone and everyone is my brother and sister,too much to ask it might be for some but change begins with one person saying that is enough share my bread with me take a drink from my cup
As for diabetes cancer and all the things that invade our bodies if you are still breathing there is still hope,the day begins what it will bring no one knows let us be thankful that at least we have another day.


Brilliant! Where have you been? I have always enjoyed your missives!