It must be SATURDAY,these walls a prison do make

How do I feel this Novembers winters day,snow bound and eerie silence and no footprints to be found,am I alone did everyone go and leave me my cat and my freezing toes,the kettle whistles as it boils the tea bags ready the milk as white as snow,the scrap man calls any scrap any scrap his bugles blows like Angels from afar, so I am not alone there the kettle blows,one tea bag one sweetener just for me two slices of toast brown bread it has to be,smudge is sleeping her snoring is so loud, if there was any one about maybe even a crowd, they would say and it is not late wake up little ■■■■■ cat and give us all a break.

It is Saturday once again my toast tea and insulin await,victoza running through my body doing what it does some give it high praise some not a lot but for we diabetics we have to try the lot,I may be a guinea pig in Gods own laboratory it is better than being a beagle having to smoke all day, who gave these people the right to treat animals so,shame on you and all your kin let this horrible practice go,they say we need to on animals so that you can be cured what gives them the right to speak for me,I have a choice to make if it means I go to meet my maker early I can kneel before his grace,explain the things i should have done the words I left unsaid he says to me in a gentle voice to late raymond my son did you know you are dead,Dear Lord I plead I know I should have done better give me one more chance and as sure as bread is bread, I will live my next life as if a book you might have read,and left behind me will be these words upon my tombstone read,as humans go it can be said he did his best sleep peacefully and remember him he made mistakes so do we, but his intentions were for the best, for no man or woman has thou made who does not have there faults to see you left us all alone the garden we did abuse we never listen to your words the apple did taste nice but we were done well and truly just after one little bite,free will you said go forth my child but without a father there to guide,we stumbled on the way,please give one more chance and brighten everyone's day.

My pills have taken my injections done my heart still beats I thank you so,lift my gloom and depression let me see your light,our electrics gone and it is just like night, the snow did fall the cables they did break just like the saying goes you might as well eat cake no hot tea no warmth just more clothing do I wear,hope the power comes on soon I hope some out there does care,I am getting on in age my cat and I do plead a book called time to dream is all I have to read hope the electric comes on soon otherwise my toes will freeze,stamp the hard upon the floor the circulation it does go I can feel a bit of warm in my big big toe,let be said if I should go at least he is as warm as his big big toe.

Wonderfully moving little story, twiddlemthumbs.
I hope the light of day will bring you happiness.

Smudge SNORES?? wow, none of my cats I have had in my life have ever snored. You are never alone with a kitty by your side.:slight_smile: It just snowed here too. Ugh. Time to snuggle with my kitty. :slight_smile: