The Feel Good Doctor

I got a call from my doc today to review my most recent blood sugars that I had uploaded and amongst all of our conversation back and forth she managed to give a little praise…

me: I have a complaint from a type 1, I’m getting low too often and as a result, fat, I’ve gained five pounds from all of the sugar I’ve been consuming, can we do something about that?
doc: yes, I agree you have been low often, let’s adjust XYZ.
me: (whew! I didn’t have to argue) thanks
doc: You know, your doing a stellar job! Just look at these numbers, this is so great, you should be so proud of yourself.
me: silence. um, thanks.

As I tried to remember if a doctor had ever told me that I did a good job, I felt all of those endorphins rush to my brain and put me in a state of pure bliss. I felt so damn good for days.

Let’s give it up for the doc who realizes what a little encouragement can do for the mental and physical health of her patients!

Yay! :slight_smile: That’s awesome. :slight_smile: Yay for praise.

Take a victory lap! The praise is well deserved. I’m glad your doctor did the right thing and recognized your effort.

Way to go. Your doctor is a keeper. You know we go to the doctor and anytime we have not had perfect control it is always because of our personal failure. Our doctors never say, your blood sugar is too high, I have failed you. And our doctors (well at least mine) never give us (me) credit for our health. It is always a personal criticism of our failings. To get a comment like this not only reflects a doctor who appreciates the shared responsibility but recognizes your personal triumph in the face of everything. Way to go.

My Dr is GREAT at that! Don’t you just love that feeling you get when the dr says that? GOOD FOR YOU!!!

It is amazing what a positive comment can do for our motivation and mental health. Way to go and kudos to the doc.

Does your doc use a machine that you can upload your records and send via phone line? I’m on our local hospital board and we are looking into something like this. Please share if that is the case.