Feeling So Much Better: A New Doc Who LISTENS ;0)

I had my first appointment today with a diabetologist who is a good listener, a good problem-solver, very experienced and very good at communication.


His name is Dr. David K. McCulloch and he wrote a book: “The Diabetes Answer Book”. I’m reading it now and really enjoying how he presents information. It’s excellent.

http://tinyurl.com/4tf3xsp (Amazon)

http://tinyurl.com/4uzz5k9 (Barnes and Noble)

He revamped my insulin protocol in a way that actually makes sense to me (yay!) and will work with me via e-mail, phone or office visits to tweak it based on my blood glucose testing. I feel SO much better already, just knowing that he’s in my corner.

I can’t tell you how stressed out I’ve been about my previous doctor, who shall remain nameless as I’m pretty sure that my previous doctor is not a bad person, just a terrible fit for me and my gnarly insulin resistance, dawn phenom and anxiety about hypos.

Three cheers for finding a doctor with whom communication WORKS! Other than a cure, what could be better?

Congrats, Jean on finding a doc that you really like and who you can work with. So many of us can’t find someone like that, you are really lucky !!!

Wow… sounds like my son… but we are just in the changing DR. proccess …hope the new one is a better fit!

Oh, Katsz and catlover – I wish an excellent doctor to every diabetic out there. It makes such a difference!

No one is perfect, but let’s just say that some doctors are more perfect than others, eh? ;-O

I have been looking for one I trust ever since I moved back to Seattle – over six years ago. Sheesh.

It shouldn’t be so hard! This is not a guy who will say, “You’re doing great–compared to my other patients!” when I’m NOT doing great – as my last doctor did after my second HbA1c came in above 10. That’s not great – not by a long shot – and if I was doing great, then God help his other patients, eh?

Well, I will now focus on the positive: on being grateful, walking every day, low-carbing and keeping meticulous records so he can help me tweak things.

Oh Darn, your in Seattle, I am down here in Southern Or…I dream to find a Diabetes Doctor like yours.

But I haven’t Ins, and its going to be a interesting road ahead of me.

You sure have been blessed with this new Dr, he came to you for some good reason, only Your Angels know:) so darn sweet to lead you to him:)

I wish you weel and Bless you for having the wish that we all can find a wonderful Doctor:)