The Google Ads Reviewed -- "Using Insulin" DANGER!


I click through on Google ads to support sites I like, such as this one. But yikes. What a bunch of Garbage the diabetes ads are.

The one that says “Using insulin?” is an ad for something that calls itself “Zephyr Study”. They are asking you to sign up for a supposed study of inhaled insulin but there is NO INFORMATION ANYWHERE ON THE SITE AS TO WHO “Zephyr Studies” MIGHT BE. None. So for all you know if you respond to this site you’ve just given your personal information to a phishing scam.

Never give any personal information to a site that has nothing identifying who is running the site that you can check out.

A site claiming to be doing a medical study but offering no verifiable information about who is sponsoring the trial is sending up a huge red flag saying “SCAM ALERT”.

Click through to give Manny some hard earned bucks, but DO NOT GIVE THE SITE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!


Thanks for the heads up, Jenny! I just blocked it -shortly it will no longer appear on TuDiabetes or EsTuDiabetes.

Better to not even give those phishers the option to get their hands on anybody’s data! :slight_smile:


The Zephyr web-site is actually owned by Veritas Medicine, which seems to be a legitimate private organization that helps match people with clinical studies. But your warning is absolutely right, we can’t be too careful when it comes to entering personal information into a web-site.



I ended up looking up the IP information after posting the message (WHOIS was temporarily not reporting at the time I was writing.) So I saw that. But I had to wonder WHY is there no contact information on the site? If it is a legitimate study, there should be enough information given to allow you to check them out before responding.

There are a couple of the ads I’ve clicked through on that go to sites that look to me like they exist only to write tracking cookies on your hard drive. One of them for example, was nothing but a page of non-information with further Google ads on it. I ran Spyware doctor immediately after visiting it, and sure enough there were 3 cookies that weren’t there before the visit.