Googling Diabetes

Whenever I plug “diabetes” into a search engine, I expect to have to weed through “cures” and “new treatments” that are bogus and harmful, but does anyone know how some of these become “sponsored links” and what we could do to ask Google to stop featuring, sponsoring, endorsing, partnering with, or otherwise highlighting companies or websites that offer these fraudulent claims? I expect them to show up in a search query; I DON’T expect them to show up as a feature or suggestion. Today I stumbled upon a spammer we admins actually banned here at TuDiabetes as a sponsored link!

I spent a few minutes on Google’s homepage to try to find contact info - investor relations, adsense, etc. Didn’t really find anything, but I did email AdWords to see if they would respond. Anyone have any ideas?

Do these companies have a right to this “sponsorship” if they front the money to Google and am I advocating repression of their right to market their product and their right to free speech? Is this not really a big deal?

hi Melissa, My friend owns a buisness and simply pays extra for his advertisement to come up “near the top” of a Google search. I suppose you have to pay even more for a “sponsored link”. It’s how they (Internet Search Engines) make money. I sometimes worry that people take everything they read on the internet as truth, or even a resource,…but I am so vastly outnumbered. Hope it doesn’t ruin your day! =)