The Great Dickens Christmas Fair

Hey … I had to share this story…
I work at a great big festival and fair in San Francisco called the Dickens Fair. Imagine the inside of a L A R G E building turned into downtown London when Charles Dickens was alive with all the characters running around, including the ghosts, Bob Cratchet, Oliver, Charlie himself, Can-Can girls… well you get the idea. I am a bar manager right now (seasonal) and my job is, well manage one of the 5 bars. I noticed last weekend there was a youngster in our bar getting a soft drink (we sell all the beverages in the bars). Youngster (17 years old) had an insulated bag with him and was drinking a bottle of water first then the soft drink. He asked if the drink he got was diet. I checked which dispenser the server had used and yes it was, turns out the young man was a diabetic and was, well cautious. After I explained to him the soda we use is a little sweeter than say some of the bottle stuff but yes it was… he felt okay. I also told him I am a PWD too…
After a while he and I were talking and he was there with his parents and uses a MM pump. I was able to tell him about some of the other food booths there in the Fair and what their food carb levels were. Beverage dept. works with the catering dept. all the time and some of the booth owners worked with me getting the carbs down so I knew I had “specials” in many booths. I was also able to tell him what food to stay away from because of “hidden sweeteners” . Later in the day around lunch time I saw him again… this place is huge with 5 stages) getting lunch. As he passed his mom walked up and thanked me, she was worried about this the whole morning and was afraid her son wouldn’t be able to enjoy himself because of all the sweets. After I spoke to him she told me they went and grabbed one of my specials and he was happy the rest of the day. She told me that it was great that the members of our club watch out for each other !

Nice feeling… Oh and Manny, I gave him one of the postcards from this site too !!

Any way folks I had to share… If your in SF come on by and see us at the Cow Palace. We are there 2 more weekends and the Greek salad at the greek booth is like 27 carbs !

Happy Christmas All !

Great that you could help out like that Don! I was giving advice to a neighbour of mine who was recently diagnosed Type 2 - he said it felt so good to just talk about it with someone who understands. I’m sure you made such a difference to that family’s experience.

How wonderful you could help out the young man! I know sometimes I feel so alone in this journey, its reassuring to meet others who walk the same walk.

Oh mercy. That brings back memories of a couple of decades ago when Minneapolis had “A Victorian Christmas” along the riverfront. I’d forgotten how much fun it was.
Yes, it was great you could help another pwd. After all, we’re all in this together.
I work with a man that I’ve known for 20 years. 3 years ago, his teenage son was diagnosed. And, I thought I’d be a big help to the family with questions, etc. I immediately offered my assistance. Only, they weren’t ready for it. Maybe I came on too strong, but, to this day, he and I have never ever spoken about the db. I think seeing me reminds him of it.
I still feel a bit sad about this.

Great story Don! Thanks for sharing. I’m sure he was very happy to know he wasn’t alone!