The Greatest Energy Drink for Diabetics

I am not one to plug a product of any kind. Ever. But as soon as I say that you know I am gonna.

I saw the tudiabetes link to this blog today about the Top 5 Sugar Free and Low Carb Products of 2008 and had to support just one more great Product…


I have searched for years to find an energy drink that wasn’t high in sugar content but have never really found one. This year my brother in law (ex now) who works for Pepsi here in Quincy, IL brought me some Celsius. It was a “new” product they were just starting to distribute and he wanted my opinion. I LOVED IT!

Check it out in you local Fast Stop or Convenience Store. I haven’t found it in the Grocery Store yet but I will keep looking.

Thankyou so much for this! I do alot of morning km running so I use to rely on energy drinks to keep me going back in my honeymoon phase, now that that’s over they send me through the roof, this sounds great though can’t wait to try it out haha

Two great flavors that I know of. Try them all.

Not sure. I have never hear of that unless it was the soft drink that my parents made me quit drinking because it had saccharine in it??