Have you tried Powerade Zero?

I went to the store the other day and I noticed Coca-Cola has down it again! Powerade Zero is a carb free drinknwith sucralose. I tried the grape flavor and it doesn't taste bad, a little watered down. Honestly, it's been so long since I've had Powerade I can't remember what the real thing taste like. I wanted to see if anyone in TuDiabetes has tried it and what do you think?


Hey thanks for the info Cherise…!! I’ll have to look for it next time I go shopping. I 'm glad someone FINALLY started it…I keep waiting for a sugar free Propel…maybe that will happen now.

I actually picked up a few the other day. I was so happy to find it. I tried the strawberry first. It’s good. But I agree on the watered down part. But nonetheless, a drink I can have without seeing the consequence on my BS later. I’m ok with that =)

All I can say is - I love it. It is about time that people like Powerade and Propel make sports drinks for us Diabetics. There are alot of Diabetic Atheles and one has to wonder what they did before all this came out. I have to look on the bright side of all this and think of this as Diabetes Awareness. This is another prime example on how we can turn something good into something better. Thank you for this post.

Love it, as well as Gatorade G2 for a minimal carbo drink. Check out my blog my fridge is packed full of both! I just restocked this weekend! MTV Cribs has nothing on my fridge!!! lol

Wonders what your Fridge would look like if Rachael Ray did a feature on your’s for her next magazine since she has a feature on peoples fridges every month. HAHAHA!

Are the Propel single serve mix packets sugar-free? I haven’t looked at that stuff lately.

lol! My fridge will be full of them soon! I drink a lot of the Diet Peach tea…I love it! not much of a pop drinker…lol

I am not sure of Propel is sugar free yet!! I hope they follow Powerade…

The Arizona variety?

I’m currently consuming the strawberry flavor for an upcoming review at glucoholic.com!

I tried this a month or so ago and did not like it. I use Splenda (sucralose) in baking all the time but I don’t like it in drinks/liquids/soft foods. Definitely will not buy it again.

I was grocery shopping today and this was a special that they ask you to buy at the check out and I bought some as soon as I saw blue water and no carbs, woohoo!!

Not bad tasting in my opinion.

Got stuck with the blue as that is what was sitting at the checkout.

What is the best flavor?

I like it. Never had a sports drink before, so a friend got me started on Powerade Zero. I put one pack of Sweet 'N Low and one pack of equal in the twenty ounce bottles, and two of each in the big bottles. Makes it better; sweeter.

My Favorite Flavor is Grape

I have never tried adding more sweetner…I might have to try it

I can’t believe how many diabetics consume artificial sweeteners. They are terrible. Look up side effects of sucralose, one of the two artificial sweeteners in PowerAde Zero and is in tons of diet products. I drank PowerAde Zero and started having stomach problems and diarrhea. I quit and it all went away.

Try using Stevia or Palm Sugar for sweetening. Coconut water has electrolytes and a little natural sugar is much better for you than those nasty sports drinks.

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i have never try, & from what coop, says about it, i think i never will,.

i do love Coconut water, much better for you,.

I really enjoy powerade zero. it is certainly much better for me than soda.

I drink a lot of Powerade Zero. My fave is the blue one. (I don’t know what flavor it is. Blue flavor? Berry?) one thing I notice though is that the Zero is kind of harsh on my throat. Anyone else notice this? A few minutes after swallowing it, it feels like it’s left a dry film in my throat and it makes me cough. No one I’ve spoken to has ever had the same problem. I can only assume it’s the sweetener because most SF drinks do that to my throat. Not enough to make me stop drinking it though