The Joslin Medalist Study

I have so many non diabetic relatives who do not take good care of themselves like I do. That may mesn that we diabetics with tight control and good health habits may outlive them. It may be that way for you Natalie.

Rock, several decades ago it was unusual for a T1D to live 25 years. There was a 25 year medal then. Now 25 years is so common, that medal has been discontinued. 50 years is becoming rather common now.

Hi Kelly, I have seen couples in their 90s square dancing to country tunes. I never learned to dance, but I should, it is great exercise!

There are several who have the 75 year medal already, so they are 10+ years ahead of me. I don’t think I will be the first to see a 100 year medal. William Rounds has been T1D for 87 years, so he has 13 years remaining before 100 years of D!!!

Then we will just have to get a special medal for you - how the 125 year one?

I can’t dance either- I have 2 left feet! I have never seen people in their 90s dancing, but the one woman where I stayed was upset because they would not let her go up and down the stairs - she liked to do that for exercsie.

Congratulations on getting your medal Annabella!

I am only 71, and have to be very careful on stairs. We live in a ranch style, one floor house, thank goodness.

I live in a townhouse that is on 2 floors - this last week, I have been wishing it was only 1 floor!

Congratulations Annabella and Richard, so exciting that you each have received a medal for 50 years!!

Only 7 years to go for me! It’s just so unbelievable to think that we all made it through those years without BG meters, without pens, without pumps, but with glass syringes that we had to boil and thick needles that were no fun and urine testing. I was just talking with a friend of mine recently whom I went to diabetic camp with when we were young and we both remember thinking that we would not live to middle age. It used to be pretty scary. It’s hard thinking back on how we managed without ever really knowing what our BG level was and taking only one shot a day. LIfe is so good these days. We are so lucky to have the technology available to us to ease our lives and to help us control our diabetes quite a bit better.

1983 ! Danny …5 posts ago

Hi Gail, there are so many of us who experienced thos early years. We were so innocent then. We did not know what we should be doing, so it was easy in that we did so little and yet we survived. have you ever wondered why? Now we have all the knowledge and modern day technology, and we struggle to finally have good control.

Good job, Annabella! Cataracts and arthritis are very common, and not related to diabetes. Now are you going to try for another 50 years? :slight_smile:

I go up and down stairs, but I’m VERY careful, and make sure I look at where I put my feet. Falling down stairs is not a fun thing to do. I did it 2 times in the weeks before my coma – only because I have strong bones did I not break anything, not even my head! But I did have a pretty goose egg! :slight_smile:

Don’t worry Danny, if all’s okay with the world by 2035, they will still be making the 50 year medals. Assuming there is no cure, they’ll still be wanting 50 year Diabetic’s care history and to see if there’s anything weird in their blood. You Go Boy. :slight_smile:

Was it at least Dec 31st, 1983 so you were just a tad early?

I try to be very careful also and hang onto the railing. I fall alot other places but so far, haven’t fallen on the stairs - knock on wood!…

Here is a Canadian gentleman , Dr. Gorman , living with D for then almost 75 years …I attended this Award event in 2009
The first person mentioned ( I don’t know how not to show the rest of the recipients …apologies )

Hi Nel, I gather that the 75 year awards involve a ceremony with guests, and all the trimmings? I did not know that. Is it held at Joslin, in Boston?

Hi Richard , this is all I know …maybe I need to follow up with the CDA and Dr. Gorman ( if I or anyone else can locate him ?? !! ) to get the nitty gritty of this oh so special Award ???
From the CDA website and the link I posted : " In 2010, he will be eligible for the 75-year medal from the Joslin Clinic Foundation in Boston to commemorate his lifelong dedication to diabetes management. "
PS I know a lady in my area , who lives with d for 65 years …and she still volunteers for the local SPCA , where I met her way back , when I got involved .