The miracle drug

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is it me, or did 'the most famous diabetic girl' ever seem very ungrateful for her life being saved by a major major discovery?

I imagine she was very embarrassed by the whole thing. I read that she used to disappear into her bedroom for a few minutes before every meal, and her children never knew why. In a way, it’s a shame that the rich and famous get all the attention – I’d much rather find out about Leonard Thompson, the very first person to receive insulin at age 14 – he lived to be 27, but died of pneumonia, which was untreatable at that time because it was before antibiotics.

Great article. Having almost died from DKA, I stared in awe at my first vial & thought this liquid is my life.

Always inspiring to me. Grew up hearing about Drs. Banting and Best and the dog jumping off the table after receiving the insulin. I remember hearing about what a miracle the discovery was , and that the doctors came from Canada. I hope to visit the exhibit over the holidays. To this day, I can feel the effects of taking insulin, especially if my numbers are a little high and I am waiting for them to come down. Within an hour I feel the change in my equalibrium. for the better.

Great post, ty.