The necklace thing is it true?

i have been told with my friend about this new necklace thing … that who had a diabetes have to wear this special necklace so if they’re alone … and something happen … people who surronding him/her can immediatly know he/she has a diabetes …

is it true ?

Some people wear something identifying themselves as diabetic, some don’t. I’ve never heard of necklaces, more common is a bracelet - medical alert bracelets have been around for a long time. Some people get tattoos that identify them. Some people keep identification in their wallets. And some people don’t do any of this.

This is very common in the USA. I live in Hungary and it is less common here. I wear a bracelet that tells that I have diabetes and use insulin. I feel safer having this on – even though I have not yet had any emergency that required someone to look at it.

I actually have a Medic Alert necklace that I got back in 1984 when I was diagnosed. I preferred the necklace over a bracelet but don’t wear it anymore.

i wear a black tag on black rubber around my neck (my fav colour). its got…
my name
whats wrong and the meds i take
plus an ice number.
funny thing is i ride a motorcycle and have always worn an id tag when im on that just in case. so for me it wasn’t a great stretch to wear something all the time. ive been riding 5yrs and dx a few months.

I first got a Medic Alert necklace around 1964 when diagnosed at the age of 12. I wore it till I graduated high school and left home. Then I didn’t wear anything identifying me as a diabetic. Years later I started wearing a Medic Alert bracelet and now still wear one. As I aged, I have gotten wiser about taking care of myself!

I have a Medic Alert necklace. I dont wear it often, though. I think its more important if you live alone, and are prone to being hypo-unaware

Hi Zikri,

Here is a discussion with lots of information about this: Do you Wear Medical ID jewelry?

My husband always wears something, but honestly up to this point has never been in a situation where it has been useful, you never know… I guess it doesn’t hurt to have the information handy.

Here are some websites where you can get necklaces.

also see this note from Manny…

all people with diabetes or allergies or other serious medical conditions should carry or wear identification that is easily seen in case of an emergency where the person can’t respond to say what is wrong. Many diabetics have been accused of being drunk when they are low! Better to be safe than sorry. I wear a silicone bracelet, lightweight, bright red and it says “diabetic” on it, people can see that and look in my purse for other information but this stays on my wrist and I don’t even know it’s there, never take it off.

Yes its true I have both bracelet and necklace.the necklacke says I’m a diabetic please test my blood before treating me . You can get one from the diabetes research and development foundation for like two dollars only shipping cost! I make a mistake its the diabetes reaserch and wellness foundation, sorry, anyway I got mine there online and its really nice.

I have worn a medic alert necklace (sometimes I’m more dedicated than others) for the 21+ years that I have been diabetic. It allows medical people to call an 800 # and find out my doctors’ names and contact info, notifies my parents, and tells them what all I am currently taking medication-wise and drug allergies. My parents paid for the lifetime membership (which is no longer available) when I was diagnosed at the age of 6. I just have to pay for the updates. It makes me (and I’m sure my parents) more comfortable with my decision to live by myself. I know paramedics and ER workers look for it if you are unconscious.

I got one a month or so ago, after having MedicAlerts for years that keep charging fees. This one has a thumb drive built in, so you can give the general stuff engraved on the outside and ALL of the details on the inside. I highly recommend it, but everyone has their favorite. TAC Drive -

So two things

  1. I am type 1 and have a medical alert tattoo it works great and I can not lose it. the tat is in my profile pic.

  2. as a medic it will help you to help us if you can not speak for yourself. I always safe better to be safe then sorry you might not have had a problem before but what happens if you do one day? we all know how unpredictable diabetes can be.

Wearing a necklace (or bracelet) is a personal choice, not a requirement or a law.

Diabetics to not “have to wear” a special necklace.

Personally, I think it’s a good idea to wear one. I wear a bracelet. Some people even get tattoos. (See above.)


Yup, it’s true. I have a MedicAlert bracelet that I wear identifying me as a diabetic on insulin, allergic to insect stings, and a number. They can call MedicAlert and get all the medical information that I have given those folks (my meds, health conditions, etc.). it’s very helpful for first responders when they come upon us unconscious.

I also had a necklace when i was a child when first diagnosed. But now have a bracelet that needs to be replaced cuz most of the words have worn off and all the contact info is too old.

Back before i got my pump, i was driving with my son in the car, and at thime VERY hypo-unaware. crashed my car thru someones fence, and they were gonna arrest me. They though DUI (mind you i remember none of this) and i guess from what they told me i told them i was diabetic…

Well, diabetics don’t HAVE to wear a necklace or bracelet… however, it is a good idea to do so, and can help one during emergencies.

Wow, the way the question is asked, sure sounds as if there’s a mandate! How creepy would that be?

Although, in the good old US of A, anything is [sadly] possible.