The new Libre 3 versus 2

I’ve been using Libre 2 for most of 2022 and finally got my insurance to cover the new 3. I was excited about the new 3 (1) being so much smaller and (2) working without having to physically scan my phone or scanner to the sensor. I’m just over a day now on my first sensor. I’ll update this post after more use but there are some cons so far. Unlike the 2 where you can walk away from you phone, you phone can die, etc where you can just scan it and it works, this will just stop working if you don’t keep your phone next to you at all times. It will come “back to life” after awhile but still working on how long it actually takes. It has also just stopped working a few times for no reason. With the 2, if my phone died, I still had the Libre Scanner that I could use. Anybody else having issues/cons with with moving from 2 to 3?


Will watch your post with interest. I’m hoping the 3 will soon come to Canada.

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Libre 3 is awesome. Accurate in the low ranges and high compared to guardian or Dexcom most of the time. It is also smaller than anything on the market and updates every miniute. Unfortunately it is not integrated to any pumps yet but coming. It can easily alarm your phone or watch. No separate scanner required!


So interested to join this discussion of yours as I have used the Libre 2 for about 8 sensors so far, out of which only one has failed and they did replace it when I reported it.

So how are you liking it now that you have used it for a while longer?

Have you discovered that they only allow either a reader or a phone to be connected, but not both at the same time. That does make it really problematical if you do misplace a device for reading it as it will mean it is not possible to use it.
I wear a dressing gown with a pocket over my clothes to have it always near by and it worries me if I do lose it. So I often check to see if it is still in the pocket. I do not currently use a cell phone as I use a landline.

I know that the Ypsomed pump (trialed it earlier in the year - still haven’t gotten around to writing a blog on that experience) that we have here in Canada and other countries (sorry to Americans - not sure when it’ll be in your country) - is supposed to be able to be used with both the Libre3 and the Dexcom system. I like the fact that pump users will have ability to chose, especially for those of us without private/work/etc.

Thanks @scrambler for this! I know after watching my fav technology guy Kamil of Nerd Diabetic - I’m very interested in it. Hopefully it’ll still work with the separate reader (that’s what I’ve used for both Libre and Libre2 - since the app upgrade recently is hit/miss - so less stress with handheld reader (which always sits in a pocket of pants/skirt so it’s close by) - and it’s $50 Cdn to purchase - so win win for this T1D who self funds.

Abbott is really trying to phase out the the reader. I had to practically beg to get one. However, the phone app is great and I’m now used to using my phone. When I don’t have a pocket I use a wrist pocket like the one below. Very handy. (So to speak! :wink:)

Wrist Pocket

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Scrambler, have you tried tapping the Libre 3 sensor (or the arm area around it) gently when it temporarily loses the signal? Works for me. Sometimes just shaking my arm will do it.
Also read that Abbott is going to have a reader for the Libre 3 – as they currently do in other countries.
I was always able to use both the reader and my iPhone for my previous 14 day Libre, and it was very convenient to have that option.

So, in March of 2023 I did get a phone to use with the Libre 2, but I still use a landline as a phone as that cost me under $8.60 including tax per month and to use a cell phone would cost me $55 plus tax, so $62.15 including tax. So I use the phone at home via wi-fi to run the sensor. It does work outside the house most of the time, but occasionally I have had trouble as it says it is not near my wi-fi account line. It does seem to work in movie theatres.