The new it worth the upgrade?

Hi guys, I’ve been PODing (haha) for a little over a year now and recently saw the new upgrade on the PDM. The upgrade is pretty spendy for me a college student (150…that’s like months of groceries). I was just wondering if the upgrade is worth it? Any opinions are welcome!

Also are the rumors true that they are coming out with a smaller pod sometime this fall?


In my opinion, the two biggest features of the new PDM are the color, brighter screen and the better software (and USB connection) for transferring the data to your PC. If you get aggravated by the poor quality screen of the original PDM and/or want to track your data on the PC, then I’d say it is worth it. If neither of those is important to you, then maybe not.
The only other thing I particularly like is the slightly different shape - it’s more squared off and very slightly thinner/narrower. It just looks and feels more like a typical consumer electronic device instead of some medical device.

The biggest advantage is the new one looks nice. I’m actually using the old one even though I have the new PDM because it’s easier to carry the old one with test strips in the black clip-on case. I’ve looked at getting a case for the new PDM, it will fit in some blackberry and treo cases but I haven’t found one with a pouch for test strips. For me if I’m going out I prefer the old one because it’s more convenient, I just carry it and a lancing device in my pocket and I’m set. There are nice things about the new PDM, they just don’t offset the lack of a useful case for me personally.

Is anyone else a little annoyed that OmniPod is offering the new PDM for $50 if you are changing from another pump company? Just because we are already using the system - why should we have to pay and extra $100.

I admit that we benefit from their product but I just wish health care was not a for profit business.

Red, were health care not a for-profit business, the innovation factor that provides us with products like the Pod would be non-existent, and these products would likely not exist.

That’s one way to look at it but I do think there are still a lot of health care professionals that are in it because they want to help people not because of the money. You’ll have to excuse me, I’m not much of a capitalist and I guess I just disagree with companies profiting from chronic illness.

As I said, we do benefit from their products and trust me, I am very grateful for the technology. I remember testing my urine and animal insulin - I support the advancements and innovation factor but the mark up on products necessary for our survival is, in my opinion, way too inflated. I don’t agree with our health or quality of life having a price tag on it. Diabetes has become a billion dollar business - that’s a bit unsettling for me.

I admit it’s not an easy subject. In this particular case I just think offering it for $100 less to new ‘customers’ (and I dislike using that vocabulary but here we are) is a little disrespectful to its current ‘customers.’

That’s all - just my opinion.

Hi - We got our new PDM about 2 months ago and so far, so good. I think the best reason to do it is the price - for $150 you have two PDMs - the old one and the new one. This is great if you travel or just like having the peace of mind that if one breaks, you are covered. I don’t think the new design is anything to write home about. It’s still pretty bulky and the color screen seems to eat up batteries (that said, if you get the new one, take out the batteries that it comes with and replace them immediately with new, good quality ones - the temp one’s lasted only a couple of weeks and gave us no warning that they were dying…) We recently went down to Mexico on vacation and it was great having a backup that I didn’t have to send back to the company at the end of the trip!!

The only benefit for us is having the peace of mind of a backup PDM in the event that one fails. The differences are not significant and I was disappointed that even minor improvements that were important to me were not made. Although the screen is nice indoors, it is nearly impossible to see when outdoors which I find rather aggravating. The old PDM’s screen is actually an advantage in that scenario.

the thing that aggravates me is that they still have not made the software talk to macs (and they gave away a macbook as a promotional prize in some contest a few months back…?.) i have not upgraded, and i am not likely to until i need to or until they make some “real improvements”. i like the system, and the few minor tweaks do not seem worth 150 dollars to me

Red, I switched from Cozmo and for the 49.99 I got the original PDM and 20 pods. Recently I did the upgrade to the Generation II and it cost me 149.99 no pods included this time. Not sure where you got the info that ppl could switch companies to new PDM for only 49.99! Reasoning for doing so…BACK UP…with the first one I got no warranty so needed a back up.

I really like the new screen. It is MUCH easier to read, and I have no problem seeing it outdoors. The new PDM also operates faster. My old one would stutter when holding the button down to set a carb level or bolus level. This one scrolls right through the numbers quickly – not a big thing, but it shows the processor likely is more powerful. The screen is also a bit larger and shows more information, including the current basal rate and pod expiration (maybe just when it’s getting close, I’m not sure about that, but it’s helpful). It also looks a little more like a Blackberry or other smartphone, but that’s not really important to me. Overall, to me, it’s worth the money just to be able to see the screen much more clearly, while the other differences are just small conveniences. My endo will also, hopefully, be able to download my information now. She never could with the old PDM.

I seem to be going through batteries like crazy - is this the case with everyone else too? Also, I don’t get a low battery warning - is that normal?

Yes - new colored screen seems to be sucking batteries. Old screen did this if you used the backlight a lot. I haven’t received a warning yet either which is annoying since low batteries can cause PDM errors requiring a pod change and PDM reset.

I know - I think I’ll call them today and complain. Anyway…glad it’s not just me! :+)

I’ve recently started using rechargeables…It’s saving me so much money, since I usually need to change batteries every 3 weeks or so. The one issue is that you don’t get much warning when the battery is low (which is why Insulet doesn’t recommend them), but I’ve bought an extra set so that I always have one charged, and keep that extra set with me so I can change the battery out quickly.

For what it’s worth, I just ordered (literally, 2 minutes ago) the OmniPod system through their CozMore offer. The $50 gets you the old-school PDM and a month’s worth of pods. If you want the new PDM with its many bells and whistles, in full color, it’s another $150. So we aren’t getting a special deal.

Although I DO feel special about getting rid of my tubes! Looking forward to my new wireless/cordless/tubeless existence!

Cheers, Mike

Another bonus of the new screen is that you can easily administer a bolus under the table at a restaurant and no one will be the wiser.

The best carrying case I ever found was my wifes pocket book!!!

I think your first switch from Cozmo is what I saw on their website. Ended up getting the upgrade too because after all - we all benefit from it, myself included. Just concerned sometimes about the high cost of medicine and equipment needed to manage diabetes and for that matter, all chronic illnesses. I’m not opposed to a company making a profit but our illness is not a business and we should not be treated as customers (in my opinion). I hope at some point the high cost will be addressed and more people can afford the best treatment.

Looks like we are seeing that discussion now - finally!

It’s quite a trip after tubing and needles.

Welcome to the wireless world!!!