New Pod is almost here!

Hi everyone,
Great news! I was at the Dr yesterday and they had the new PDM. They are going to start giving them out to new patients in June. They said upgrades will be available after that. They said cost may be around $150.00, but also said that the company will be giving their office a supply of them to do what they want with them. My pump coordinater said they will probably give me one free. How great is that!. On the pro and con side, the new screen is great and the new software will use a regular USB cable, no longer wireless downloads. Also the new software downloads 90 days , not just the last 4 days as now. There are also tons of new charts and records to print. This is all what I saw with my own eyes no rumors or speculations. I also held the new PDM in my hands and went through the functions. Thats the con for me, I was disappointed in the size, it’s not much smaller than the old PDM, just a tad bit thinner, but any improvement is better than none. Also there is a small light that shines on the test strip, for all of us that test BG in the dark, I thought that was a bit foolish.
I hope this helps clear up some of the rumors and confusion about the new pod situation. I manage my care at the Joslin Center, they are great and seem to have the most current info.
Take care everyone.

that’s awesome! congrats on the pod! thanks for letting is know about the PDM…i was really wondering about it =)

OH… you are sooo lucky!!!

We can’t wait for the new pdm to come out !! We just can’t say enough positive things about the pod. That is wonderful I am going to share it with all my friends.

THANKS so much for sharing!

Would you be so kind as to share if the screen was the same as the current, as far as a color scheme.

Was it a color display? Do you remember?

The screen is really great. Everything is in full color and very sharp and clear, Easy to read. The food menu is now on the screen, not a seperate button as the old one.


Wow! We’ve been waiting for this for so long it seems. It’s nice to hear about someone touching and feeling it. Thanks for the update!

Can I ask for clarification? Is there a light at the end or no light for checks at night?

The screen lights up, but there is also a small light that shines on the port where you insert the test strip. Also the strip port is a little narrower to reduce static electrical problems, which I didn’t know existed.

It was the greatest to actually hold it and go through functions. Very exciting to finnally know it’s comming soon.

Does the new PDM take into account the food IOB ? The current one as you know only does for correction.

Not sure Betty, I only had a short time with it and didn’t get to go through all the functions. Was so excited my mind went blank on most things I wanted to check.

This is another discussion on the topic. The message directly from Insulet is that it will not have IOB for food bolus. I have contacted them directly to express my dismay.

Thanks. The light was one of the features I recommended when the rep asked me what could they do to improve the Omnipod.

Ok well I they could throw in a navigator CGM built in and a Wifi Connection for surfing the net and some xtra memory with a head phone jack for rocking out on some mp3’s MMMmm actually they could just add the PDM controller software to the Iphone and roll with it yaaaaaa

So the screen is in color or no?

does it still use AAA batteries?

I thought the same thing , wish it was more sleek like iphone. The plastic case is really cheap looking. Yes screen is in full color. Same batteries, I think, but didn’t really check that.

Well seems like the CGM unit built in would have been a no brainer since Insulet and Abbott are already partnered and im not sure whats up with the batteries as it cannot use much more juice then an Iphone or blackberry and both seem to have outstanding battery life with the lithuim ions in them