The Nightmare Before (During & After) Christmas

My BG has just been crap this entire holiday. I came up to my parents on Monday, and it’s just been downhill ever since. And of course I expected some of it, but I suppose I still held onto the hope that I could just eat more, exercise less, and just bolus more and use my weekend basal rate (since this has been in effect just a really long weekend).

Of course that just hasn’t worked at all. It really seems that my insulin/carb ratio only works up to a point. If I have a lot more carbs than usual, my ratio doesn’t work for a crap and I’m eventually bolusing an extra 5-10 units (absurd!) for the meal despite knowing that I counted correctly. It might have to do with fat, but I’m not so sure about that. I’m not eating that fatty. Except once.

I also seem to have developed dawn phenomenon while I’ve been here. I have suspicion that I have DP during the week when I get up early to exercise. But I do not have it during the weekends when I sleep in. Until I came here anyway. I’ve been waking up late, but at varying times, and each time I wake up, within 30-60 minutes my CGM shows my BG rising at 5 points every 5 minutes. I’ve been adjusting my basal in the hours before I even think I’ll wake up, but haven’t found the magic number yet.

The basal pattern I’ve been using is 6 units more a day than my normal weekend pattern. That’s ridiculous. And I’m not going low except for when I over-bolus because I’m pissed. Which has happened a few times.

CGM is a blessing…and a curse for sure. It’s amazing to know what’s going on all the time, but it’s also stressing me out and making me slightly insane during the holidays. It would probably be better for me mentally if I turn it off. But at this point, that would just make me more crazy and I’d just be checking with my meter every 10 minutes.

The holidays sure were easier when I was on shots and just plain didn’t give a crap. I don’t think I can go back to that now though, even if just for a few days.

I usually handle having diabetes pretty well. I complain a lot (here!), but I’m like that with everything. It usually doesn’t get me too down though. However this is one time a year when I’d just like to be normal for 2 weeks.