Back to normal!


It's so nice to FINALLY get back into a routine yesterday. The holidays are absolute chaos! I don't know how some of you manage, especially if you are on syringes! Kudos to you. MAN does it ever feel awesome to have a full night's sleep twice in a row, waking up with normal levels and being pretty stable throughout the day!

During the week of Christmas I drove up 7 hours north to spend time with family. My parents live in a very isolated community. It takes one hour to drive into town and see old friends, hit the gym, go to the mall or visit cousins and such, which is VERY discouraging after such a long haul to get there in the first place. Which means that when I visit home, I usually stay in the house for however long I am there (therefore little exercise and full access to a very well-stocked kitchen.... :) ). This is not what I normally do though, so it wrecks havoc on my levels if I am not extremely diligent. (Normally, I do NOT spend 2 full days baking up a storm, or hours just sitting at the piano or watching TV, eating every other hour and other hyperglycemic-friendly activities...) Don't tell anybody, but I MAY have been seen doing the wii zumba. Seriously, you cannot tell a soul, and I would deny it anyway, it just never happened. So, I did alright for the past week, but I drove back to my place on New Year's eve. I can never spend too much time there because I slowly have to increase my basal dose while I'm away, which I do not like for a number of reasons.

For New Year's eve, I went to a friend's house. There were maybe 14 of us, and we did everything from playing a game called 'What', to dancing, to watching a movie. There was a lot of food too, and I don't know about you, but since I can't do carbs well before bed, I was so happy to see a big pile of celery! It was so much fun, but around 2 a.m. I was starting to doze off (it was an all-night sleep over), and finally slept at around 4 a.m. A bit different from my regular 10:00 p.m. bed time, I would say. We woke up at 1p.m. and my levels were a bit low, which was actually a surprise since messing with my sleep schedule tends to run me on the high side. We had a big pancake breakfast with fruit and everything, it was so amazing! Then we spent the day hanging out together again. All of this to say, that it was an understatement to say that I deviated from my normal routine, which is always risky for my levels.

Despite the hectic schedule change, I was able to get back into the swing of things THE VERY NEXT DAY! It was so great! The day after New Year's day, I didn't over-sleep, I went back to my exercise routine and normal diet, and my levels didn't fluctuate! I slept well with normal levels the past 2 nights and feel so swell. Yes, I did just say swell.

Hope you can feel just as great!

Kudos Valerie, and glad you enjoyed the holiday splurges!

Nice! good job!