The Odd Duck Out

New blog entry on body image.

We all hear about weight gain on insulin. Docs warn us about weight gain on insulin. And then, gasp!, they are surprised when some T1's gain weight on insulin. Shocked!

When I was in college I worked with the university pediatric endocrinology department where my project was some "at risk" T1 kids with poor control. I would generalize and say that the underweight T1's? Definitely sky high bg's all the time, largely because they're taking insulin irregularly at best. Ironic because the stereotype in the public and even the medical establishment is that being paunchy is the sign of a "bad diabetic".

In case no one has told you lately.. Natalie I appreciate you soooo much! You inspire me because you are real with your feelings. You never filter them to make things sound better than they are. I relate to your experiences and look forward to your wisdom! This disease affects everything and it sucks. period. Having you talk about these nasty side effects of the "D" makes me feel comforted that I am not alone in all of this. You are truely a beautiful woman both inside and out! I love you my friend!