Anyone else interview with the local news?

The PR people setup an interview for me with the local news people, (won 3rd in the sight competition.) Just finished and it was interesting. Of course wouldn’t you know it, when I checked my blood sugar for the camera it was 377!! Talk about the stress of cleaning up the house and getting ready for an interview.

LOL Joe - on the BG. I did the same thing when doing a demo of a new blood meter a few weeks ago (that yells out loud what your BG is ). Stress, etc. probably made my BG go up, but heck, we’re only human right?
Thanks for the warning tho’ - as I take over the role of President of WIDA (West Island Diabetes Association) here in Montreal, that I perhaps eat a big piece of high carbs before hand, bolus… correctly … just to show how food/insulin combined effect us diabetics!

Psst, congratulations on your win!!! Awesome!!! Whoo! Whoo!

Anna from Montreal - aka FatCatAnna - The Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic

sorry about your bg! mine always goes up from stress too. can you link us to the interview? I’d like to see it.

I don’t have to clean house for the radio interview , Tues. November 17 …lucky me !! However am sure , that I too will suffer from the stress .
I had sent a request to our local radio station re- WDD ; saw the radio man downtown just after my e-mail …did not hear , did not hear …and I did not follow up till this am( deep down , I knew I had to do that ) . No time av. before WDD , however I think , it is never too late to talk about Diabetes on the radio , so I went happily along with the suggested date .
Hope your number(s ) better !!

lol. Haven’t heard back yet about when it will air but will be sure to post.