The real honey boo boo

I am packing my purse for a day trip tomorrow. I admit I tend to collect a lot of stuff and haul it around every day. Tomorrow will be a hike so I decided to lighten my load. As I removed numerous unidentifiable objects, smashed crackers, glucose tabs, a juice box, an apple, a glucose meter and an excessive number of tissues, I quickly discovered an individual restaurant-sized mini container of honey had burst and spilled all over the bottom of my purse. It was in a zip lock bag which also had a leak.
Maybe I will stick with just the glucose tabs tomorrow. Ya just have to laugh. It is so ridiculous!
Anybody else have comedy of errors stories?

I like to treat lows with a highly coveted Milky Way bar. I buy them and throw them in my bag where they usually end up af the bottom squashed, melted, and stuck to my bank book or something. I end up throwing away many more of them than I actually get to eat.

Milky Way Advert- The Red Car VS The Blue Car

LOL! Cute song and video. I never saw that one before.

So glad to hear that someone else has had a similar experience.

The skittles... smushed on the car floor where they're impossible to get off, smushed in the bottom of my purse, smushed on the bottom of my shoes so they can leave their marks everywhere.....

I like honey sticks, they're harder to open than the indiv containers LOL

What are honey sticks? Is it real food or the name of a candy?

Expired juice in a can = BLEH! I used to keep little cans of OJ in the glove box. This was before glucose tabs came in tubes and were cheap. I drank from one of those cans to fix a low and it was like drinking hot acid. Expired sun warmed juice is bad in more than one way I tell ya!!

The honey container burst/leak is funny Marypat, I am glad you did not find that necessary to fix a low.

They're plastic straws filled with honey. These have about 4 carbs each. Couldn't find the ones I have, but these are about the same size each.

Honey sticks looks like an interesting option, but I might not keep them in my purse. Thanks.