Stocking up for Lows

Made my annual post-Halloween pilgrimage to get supplies for lows. I like Smarties because they work well and are made in an allergen-free facility, so I don't have to worry about my food allergies.

A bag of 170 rolls of Smarties - $2.24! With a expiration date of 2017. Guess I'm set for a while.

My kids may love Halloween. I enjoy the day after. How about you?

The only day that even comes close to November 1 for smartie and sweet tart shopping is the day after valentines day.

I'm going to run out to the store right now.

This is a good idea. I'll see if I can find any in the stores today. :)

I like Mike Ikes or whatever they are called for mine (used to use skittles but got tired of them).

Nerds, Nerds and more Nerds. That's Caleb's favorite. Those little boxes are the perfect carb size for him as well.

I went hypo shopping on Saturday. Unfortunately, my grocery store was already clearing out all the Halloween candy for Christmas stuff (Why!?!??!), so I only got away with two big bags of skittles and three bags of Starburst candy corn. At least the skittles are easy for me to carry for on-the-go lows (I like pre-packaged stuff like smarties and skittles), and the candy corn is good for those pesky 68 lows where only 1-2g of carbs is enough.

I'm a Skittles gal myself, since I find that they take a long time to chew, which gives the juices time to seep in through my mouth and it gives me a head start! That's cool about the Smarties and allergens, didn't realize that. So anyway, I do that same pilgrimage!

I like that kids with diabetes are encouraged to portion out their candy to just a few a day, which works great for them a week or two later when their friends have plowed through all of theirs! A rare "neener neener" moment for T1D's!