The start of a new regimen

As of yesterday, I am no longer taking Januvia. My Endo has put me on Byetta 5mcg twice a day. I am also taking:

Metformin 1000mg 2 x Day

Glipizide 10 mg 2 x Day

Neurontin 300mg 1 x Day

and many other pills for different diabetes related problems. Not to mention that I now have to test my BS at least 6 times a day and I have to keep a log of all the Carbs that enter my system. Guess I am now considered a "Carb Counter". This is the start of a new era for me and my family and I am sort of scared due to the fact that I dont know the outcome. But anything is better than none as long as I feel better. I took my first shot this morning and will keep you posted on how Byetta is working for me.

have you tried using for entering your carbs and making nice little charts?

I wish you all the very best Jeff.
Make sure you give us updates of how it’s all going.
I’m also going to try my very best to stick to my regime (even though today I had so many carbs that i wanted to cheat and not write them all down) :slight_smile:
Oh well, tomorrow is another day and will hopefully be better.
Take care Jeff,

I’ll be checking here to see how you make out as I head to the Endo on the 27th and anticipate either Byetta or insulin.