The strength to write a book

Tonight, I rally up inside me to find the strength in me to write a book about child abuse, molestation, rape, torture, homelessness, domestic violence, alcoholism, drugs, teenage marriage, teenage pregnancy, and finally putting the people involved in prison. The list goes on, but my thirstyness for life is what keeps me going and my strong belief in God.

I believe the trauma in my life is what made me diabetic. To write this book, it will open a wider look into this wide range of abuse. The aftermath as well, and what it can lead to in the future. Health problems as well.

I find great peacefullness in being involve in this site. Connecting to some different lifestyles and personalities but we all come together with this disease. I’m not suppose to be alive from the torture I went thru, but because I am alive…I will advocate strongly always for against abuse of all forms.

I thank God for me not being on drugs or alcohol being able enjoy what LIFE I have left. Especially being diabetic. I really need to do this. I feel very strongly to make this book public to teach what an abuse person’s life can lead to…serious illnesses. This includes diabetes, brain injuries for a lifetime, alcoholism, drug abuser, and in most cases the abused becomes the abuser.

This will allow me to show that life can be good in the outcome, can find some peace to all this. I’m 40 years old now. I keep a lighted torch for my children and those around me. I protect more around me than a normal person does because I know first hand the pain and suffering that I went thru.

Which takes me back to writing this book, remembering the moments and past is very hard right now. But I try to keep to a minimum so as to keep my diabetes under control. Cause I know that stress can bring up my sugars.

So to all of you that reads this, I hope that life is good for you tonight and count your blessings, I’ve been counting mines now for awhile since the abuse ended.

Believe me, the devil has been trying to destroy me …I will never let him win. The most traumatic I had to do was put my father in prison. I still need that extra strength to pull me thru, I know that I can make it, I really got to do this.

Trauma and diabetes is a dangerous combination. We really need to educate people (the public) about all kinds of abuse and the aftermath it can do to the victims.

I’m still here for this site, just right now I’m trying to keep my head up after my soul cries in pain of memories. Whatever you are doing turn and hug your child or love one and say you are there for them and that you love them unconditionally. I didn’t ever knew what that was till I had children of my own. They are beautiful children, protect them and peace on to all of you. Take care of yourself and make all your dreams come true. Make a child dream come true also by advocating.

Always some sunshine, Patti Lopez.

Hi Patti. If you need encouragement to write about your life, you’ve got mine. From your post, I know you believe in God, so pray that God’s loving will shall be done through your writing. You have a lot to talk about, much to share, and it seems like if you started putting pen to paper (keyboard to monitor) the thoughts and feelings of your heart will come bursting forth. I’m glad you love your children so much, and that you are giving them what you never received as a young girl. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Thanks for sharing even this much about your life. Write on! Larry

Thank you for sharing your life through your posts. Thank you for your courage and love for life. Your post does help because I’m guessing that a lot of us have been through similar struggles, living lives that were once near impossible. We are survivors! I don’t have and never did have diabetes. But there are parallels and similarities because I had had gastric bypass over four years ago for morbid obesity. Now, my diet is quite similar to a diabetic friendly diet. I avoid high fat and sugar foods, as my body can no longer physically tolerate them. The surgery changes what we are able to digest. It’s really empowering to see what you are writing. I especially appreciate the link you make between trauma and onset of diabetes. It’s true for a lot of people. Thank you again so much for adding me to your friends list on this site. I’m going to keep following your posts!