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Type 2 Diabetes and Sexual Abuse....

A friend of mine told me that April was Sexual Abuse Awareness month...

Of course being a multiple victim of sexual abuse this got my attention. I remember reading last year several articles that suggested there was a link between sexual abuse and Type 2 Diabetes. I wanted to know what is the general opinion of the collective. I can't begin to tell you how being abused has impacted my life. Having family members that don't believe
me has added strain on the relationships with these people. Now it is interesting the abuse could have impacted my development of diabetes .

What say you...do you think it is hog wash or there may be some facts in the link?

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First, I am so sorry that someone(s) hurt you. I have been there myself on more than one occassion and can feel your pain.
Second…I would be very dishonest, if I said I thought the article was right…I don’t see a connection, unless your pancreas was harmed in someway by the abuse. I believe that our thought of ability to care for ourselves has been impacted and maybe that is why we find it harder to stick to plans for our diabetes, but to say they are connected, I can’t believe that nor will I…people tend to try to link everything to abuse or everything to diabetes…sometimes things are just what they are.

Thank you for you comments! I have to say this my therapist as well as Dr. Drew have stated when the brain has trauma it will “re wire” itself. Basically, we will change the way we are going to do things. I have to say that even over eating has been linked to childhood abuse. People want to link food as the only reason why we are diabetic and that is certainly not true.

I’m so sorry you had to endure that, Christalyn! :frowning: But I also admire you for being up front about it, which is even harder if nobody believes you.

Correlation does not prove causation, but one mechanism I can think of is, if you are trying to deal with traumatized feelings, you may take to comfort eating, especially carbs, which raise the serotonin level in the brain, and that’s the comfort hormone. And if you gain weight, it could unmask the diabetes genes that were already there. That would be a good topic for a research study.

Thank you…

I have refused a relationship with my mother because of this. She doesn’t believe me. I have decided that for my mental and physical health I can not be with people that chose to pretend this didn’t happen to me or do not believe me. She is still married to this man and has tried to forge conversations between me and him. I was not having this… She even deported me to my biological father’s (7 states away from my mom’s) when the subject matter came up in an argument. My mother is also Type 2 diabetic who is extremely unhealthy and doesn’t care.

I have to believe there is a connection because I learned from my therapist that when traumatic things happen the brain will re wire itself in a different manner. Perhaps food is a way to help with this rewiring. My mother she looks like a sumo wrestler and for the past 25 years has struggled with her health. She has never very maternal with me and has always been violent in some respects. This behavior just doesn’t manifests itself unless there is trauma or severe mental defect.

Researchers can find links wherever they choose to look for one. Given the prevalence of T2, wouldn’t be hard to find links to about anything depending on how the study’s designed. They’re correlating their theory to weight & by extension to diabetes. Once again, the myth that peope eat their way to diabetes. You mention your mother’s T2, so you’ve got a genetic link.

I have a genetic legacy. That’s obvious. Thanks for reminding me.

You can associate weight gain or loss with any other ailment too. Beyond these particular researchers there are therapists include Dr. Drew that have stated unresolved traumas in childhood will manifest itself in adulthood in so many different ways which would include how we treat out bodies, how we treat ourselves and how view the world. I also see My Type 2 diabetes as a mental state as well as physical. I can’t speak to T1 since I will never walk in those shoes (thank goodness). In so many cases, as a female we are taught to absorb a lot of strife and emotion. Never to show it alway pretend things didn’t happen. No body can’t tell me this is not going to manifest itself into adult hood I have seen it and experienced it personally.

Well, the genes for Type 2 make it easier to gain weight, so the manifestation of trauma as Type 2 diabetes may be more common than other manifestations. And I agree with you about the mental state, although I’m sure it applies to all diabetes – it’s just plain tough to deal with. And when you’re not feeling well mentally, it’s that much harder to take care of yourself.

I think you are a very strong woman, Christalyn, and I know you will continue to work on your issues and come out on top. I’m sure you’re struggling, but I also have confidence in you.

Thank you for being so kind.

I assume I am looking at this issue a little deeper. In the Black community things like this are commonly swept under the rug and then people wonder why folks turn out to be promiscuous or worse. Then family members will either tell your to forgive the predator or they don’t believe you. My favorite excuse is to “leave it in God’s hands.” Neither of these worked for me. However I have been in therapy for this. To seek counseling is not common black community. It is starting to loose the old stigma of being for crazy people.

Know this and how diabetes is ravishing the black community it has made me think how much of this disease is really ours to bare? I have always believed that diabetes is a symptom of something greater than just eating or genetics. I was suppose to be diabetic I would have preferred it to happen when I am older and my body is really slowing down… Not in my 30’s…

Thanks again!!!

Very sadly, childhood sexual abuse is swept under the rug in all communities, especially when it’s perpetrated by a family member. Victims aren’t believed, are told it didn’t happen, are advised to move on & are often shunnned by other family members. Happens to adult rape victims also.

Believe me, being diagnosed diabetic isn’t any easier when you’re older & you have other age related conditions to deal with in addition to diabetes. Young or old it sucks

Lots of things are ravishing the black community, and there is only so much a non-black outsider can do. It needs people like you who are willing to speak out, even if what you say is unpopular. You KNOW what you are talking about, and you can relate to people from an inside view. American blacks have never fully recovered from the atrocities of slavery, segregation and discrimination, and it is important for the educated and middle-class blacks to give to their community what no non-black could ever do.

You have the strength and courage to be a role-model both for sexual abuse, and for Type 2 diabetes. I’m sorry these things happened to you, because I would never wish them on anyone, but this is your chance to be an effective promoter of community health, both mental and physical. Have you ever though about going to nursing school and becoming a CDE? The black community needs much more diabetes education, and people would be more receptive to it coming from you, who are a member of the community and have the experience. And I’m sure you have the brains to do it.

I am honestly extremely grateful to have been diagnosed as an adult, and not as a child. I never had to go through the stuff that diabetic children go through in school and with their friends, and never had adolescent angst about it, or fears about dating, etc. When I was diagnosed, I was able to understand what it was, and what risks it entailed, and what I had to do to treat it (although I had to be very assertive about that!). I have plenty of other conditions, too, and getting old isn’t for sissies, but I feel very lucky to have had a healthy childhood. I can’t say I LIKE my health problems, but I can put up with them. I don’t LIKE restricting my food, but I can do it. I don’t LIKE taking handfuls of pills, but I do it. Yes, it sucks, but better than the alternative.

I don’t like the idea of sweeping everybody with a broad brush. The Caucasian community has done a wonderful job of embracing mental therapy for victims and trying to seek help. Its only been recently that other groups have started the conversation. I feel bad for adult rape victims too.

I will disagree with you about when if diagnosis at a young/older age is the same.

If I was diagnosed as a child, I can only think about how super unsympathetic my mother would have been. She would have gotten the just enough insulin I would need and any other devices or care but her whole attitude would have been horrible. I am sure I would have been treated as if it was my fault. If she was feeling really bad she probably wouldn’t have given me any insulin in favor of getting her hair done. I have always been scared of needles and getting shots. I am so sure she would have made the whole injection experience into a torture session. At least as an adult I am able to surround myself with people that would give me correct advice. I can control how I get my supplies. I have a better understanding of what is happening to me.

Thank you again for being so understanding. I have been thinking about becoming a CDE for the past several years. It has been my work schedule and some health issues that have derailed it for me. I am still active in trying to do what I can. I have a small support group in the valley. I want to concentrate other areas and even in the Hispanic community because they are not really getting proper information.

This is one of the reasons why I am revamping my website and hopefully I can get somethings happening.

Thank you so much for the encouragement!!!

Wow! You have a lot of strength, Crystalyn (I hope I spelled that right) to come out with this admission.
First of all, you can probably tell I’m a guy, but found out, as an adult, that I was verbally and mentally abused by MY father, as I was younger. I just didn’t understand it as such, until my research unfolded that for me. However, I wasn’t diagnosed with T2 until I was 42, so I don’t think the abuse caused my diabetes.
Secondly, as you might determine from my picture, I spent 20 years as a Chaplain for the USAFA (United States Air Force Auxiliary), and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. Most of my experience, was working with the youth, and I had MY share of dealing with youngsters who were abused as children, to include sexual abuse. One case I remember in particular, was a young lady who was abused by her father (he shouldn’t even USED that title!), and her mother and the rest of her family told her that SHE WAS THE ONE THAT INSTIGATED IT! She came home for a birthday party in her honor, supposedly, and when she came in the front door, they all got up from their seats in the living room, and walked out on her! I had quite a time with that young lady. However, SHE didn’t get diabetes, and most of the cases I know of, didn’t develop the disease.
Anytime you want to chat with me, email me at ChaplainET@gmail.com and maybe we can become friends! I’m an old geezer of 67 years of age, happily married, with 8 grandchildren, so I guess I’m “safe.” At least my Church must have thought so, to appoint me as a military chaplain…
Hang on there, and keep your chin up. I’ll send up a prayer or two for you.
Take care, Chaplain ET.

Thank you for you comments. I would love to chat with you!..

I feel so sorry for this young lady you spoke about. i feel her pain. How family members or anybody with common sense would think a child can cause a grown man to do such actions is totally ridiculous. About 3 months ago there was a report of several older men that repeatedly raped an 11 year old little girl. These brave men stated she cause them to do it. I don’t understand what makes this acceptable to some people. We don’t live in the middle east where women are not valued.

Nobody in my family believes my mother would have allowed such actions to take place but she did. To this day she pretends like nothing has happened and I have chosen not to have a relationship with her because of it.

From my humble opinion :slight_smile:

I am not stating that abuse alone will cause diabetes later in life. If anything it may be an indirect contributor. Connect the dots with me. Once you are abused technically you are damaged goods. You eat more or start acting out the pain it has caused you. You may suffer from other pressures like your parents not liking you or school bullies. You will be depressed. Between the acting out and eating or other usual behaviors we are causing our bodies stress. This may continue to a breaking point where in addition to other factors diabetes may develop. I have heard from several therapists and even Dr. Drew on TV that when drama happens to a person the become re wired mentally. The condition of our bodies can be the result of the rewiring. My mother is diabetic too. She is caring alot of guilt, and self loathing behaviors. She medicates herself by eating in hopes that everything will just go away. It won’t and that is a hard lesson for her to learn. I will say that I am not trying to follow that path and I am doing something to help myself.