The stupid case that comes with the meter

I saw some older discussion on how poorly designed the case is that comes with the Contour Next Link. they mad the meter nice and small but the strip case is bigger and no matter what I try I can not get them to fit in the case even with a different lancing device. I found an old BD case that kind of works after I cut some plastic out.

Has anyone found a good case for it? I don't want a bigger case like a camera case, just want something that fits in my purse.

My wife is using my old case from the Accuchek Aviva - fits nicely.

I contacted Bayer's online customer service and I sent them back some information and they sent me cases that actually fit! Even in color choice. I got purple to go with my purple pump!

I agree ,I have a new purple case. I love the color ,bit it is clunky! Nancy