The Swimming Pool

I'm sure I'm over thinking this one. Going to the wave pool with my kids tomorrow and wondering what everyone else does with their pump, glucometer and Dextabs? Do you just leave it all in a water tight container in the locker? I'm predicting needing to check my BG pretty frequently, I just changed my basal profile. I'm not looking forward to being in and out of the change room/my locker and not comfortable with it being a bit of a distance away if I get low.
Some pools have a First Aid room where I can leave my stuff, this one doesn't.

I'm not much of a pool person, though ironically I'm going with a friend to one tomorrow. But is their some reason you just can't take your purse with your supplies with you and have it next to your lounge chair? I never let my purse out of my sight, though I guess if I had too, locking it up somewhere would be a poor second. Nope, still want it with me! My supplies, tissues, sunglasses, my kindle, my water, all the things I love to fiddle with and more important may really need. As for my pump I have never taken it off anywhere except in my own home. I have a Ping so technically could leave it on, even in the water, but I won't. Hope you figure it out. I'm still at "why can't it be poolside?"

here are some discussions on swimming with the pump

Some pumps can go in the water. Some pumps are water resistant.

You can always have a bag poolside. If you're worried about it being splashed, maybe choose a water-resistant one. When I lap swim, I have a simple, non-waterproof bag with my key stuff sitting maybe ten feet from the pool along the wall, where it sits perfectly dry and unmolested until I need it. The only tricky thing is that I am wet when I get out of the pool to test during a workout, so I have to be careful to towel off my arms, and not drip water from my head, when doing a mid-workout BG check.

I keep my pump and other betes stuff in a water-resistant cooler bag. Whenever I am away from it....I watch it like a hawk! I saw on the news a couple years ago where a boy put his pump in his backpack at the pool. Someone stole the backpack and there went the $10,000 pump. :-( So sad, but after they aired it on the news....the backpack was returned anonymously....pump was perfectly fine. At least they were a kind-hearted criminal to return it!!!

That would be my fear, the pump would be stolen or damaged with water as it isn't waterproof.

Turned out the pool did have a first aid room despite what I was told. My only other option would have been the locker in the change room, it was a big and busy place.

Had a great time though!

It's probably too late, but better late than never. I was playing water polo on high level, and even now when I stopped I go swimming almost every day and my advice is to never left your meter and tabs too far. I always find place near pool, and put under the towel my meter, glucose tabs and energy drink. Having hypo in water is the worst feeling you can have and every minute can be important so leaving that things in locker rooms is definitely not good. I remember once when we played match, I was 2,3 and I first had to swim 50 meters and than walk for 5 minutes to reach my stuff, and I am still not sure how I did it. And if you don't go very often and you are not sure how your BG could react , always check BG before,during and after swimming and of course be careful with dosing your insulin