The Workplace Ice Cream Social

It’s a good point. “Of course we can participate, it just takes a little extra effort” is one way of thinking about it, or maybe more precisely, of not thinking about it too much. Like I said in my OP, I know I’m kind of overthinking it. Actually, that was kind of deliberate. I find that writing is not so much a way of transcribing what I think but of investigating and figuring out what I think. It was kind of a case of sitting there feeling annoyed when the email came, but the feeling came first, not the explanation, so I wanted to see if I could look at it and unpack what was driving it. Maybe woulda been more appropriate as a blog post, but I guess I also wanted to vent a bit.

In practical terms, yes, of course I sometimes make exceptions. We also have the occasional wo-worker farewell party at the bar across the street, and I’m much more inclined to bolus for beer than ice cream. I find it easier to predict, for one thing, but more importantly because: BEER.

But @Pixari’s comment echoes my feeling a lot of the time. I’ve made it clear within my own department that the last thing I want is for people to avoid bringing cupcakes or whatever to our staff meetings and I’m ok with just not having it. Twenty years on R/NPH was pretty good training in the art of “Just say no.” But there are times when I really really wish it just wasn’t there in front of me at all.

Ha! At my job, I was part of HR and the “fun director.” It’s WORK, not fun! I had organize, buy food, serve, etc. I also had to attend.

I just don’t eat. Been to work potlucks where I cooked big time, but brought my half sandwich to actually eat. I’ve been doing that so long, it’s pretty easy.

P.S. I also like to cook and bake. Made cinnamon apple scones yesterday. House smelled incredible. 12 scones went to my husband’s office this morning. I’m still getting thank yous on social media.

Sue, I too like to bake. I found a great recipe for cinnamon rolls, so I’d make them and have my wife take all of them but one or two, with her to work. Her co-workers would devour them! :slight_smile: (I drool, thinking about the cinnamon rolls)

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