They called with my bloodwork results

Okay the great news first: my a1c is down to 5.9! YAAAAAY! Waving Kermit Hands! So diet, exercise and metformin may work for me, at least for now. But they didn’t really give me a lot of positive feedback for that.

They really called to say there was a error with part of my bloodwork, and I have to get it redone, oh btw, based on your lipids, we’d like to increase the dose of the medicine that we rx’d you, we’ll call that in for you right away ( that you aren’t even taking…until I actually if and when have some verified cardiovascular issues, I am not touching statins with a ten foot pole)

I really hate lying like that, and I am afraid I’ll have to lie about the ACE inhibitor too, because I am not going to take any bp meds until I determine for myself that my bp really is high, and not some false high from a single reading on a too small cuff conducted improperly – which means, I really need to find the money to buy a cuff that is big enough and start taking readings at home and work asap. IF my bp is really high or borderline high – I will dutifully take the meds, but I really don’t think so, I haven’t fully gotten over white coat syndrome yet, and I don’t know the endo or his people well enough to be at ease with them.

But OMG, I am so happy that at least diet exercise and metformin can help get my a1c back into the 5’s. So happy! It makes me feel like the work I’ve been doing is worthwhile, and I’m happy.

I also got Jenny Ruhl’s book and read it cover to cover last night. I read most of that on her site “Blood Sugar 101” but I like the compact format of a book, it will be a great resource to help me get other people to understand how I intend to take care of myself.


Glad you liked the book! Even gladder about that A1c. WOOO HOOOO!!!

I hear you but, they are obsessed with my lipids, and have been trying to get me to go on statins even before they agreed to let me go on metformin, giving me huge lectures about it every time I have refused in the past, and pretty much not listening to my reasons for not wanting to be on them. I feel very bad about just not taking them, but I have told them, and told them, and they will not listen. I’m actually looking for a new endo, but I really need to get the metformin, so I’m jumping through their hoops as much as I have to to get the bare minimum that I need. It was a struggle getting them to rx the metformin – it was a struggle to get them to recognize i actually have a “glucose tolerance” problem. The real conflict here is that I don’t think lipids are a good predictor of heart risk – but I DO think A1C is strongly correlated with heart risk. My priority is getting the A1c down. And statins have really frightening side effect potentials. If I really thought any part of my lipid profile except small particle vldl’s had anything to do with risk, I might be willing to risk the side effects of statins. But even so, since I haven’t had a heart attack or other coronary issue, I feel statins are not worth the risk. But they won’t listen. The drug companies are in bed with the doctors, and they won’t be happy until everyone is on statins.

Another issue is that my tsh comes up in the realm on 4.3 - 4.95 (yes, no kidding) but since it isn’t over “5” they won’t treat it and say that it is “normal”. Based on a lot of symptoms, I think I’m sub clinically hypothyroid. Interestingly enough, if they would be willing to try to treat my thyroid, my lipid profile might improve as well. Yet another reason I am looking for another endo. I’m under the impression than TSH over 3 deserves treatment, but this information from the American College of Endocrinologists hasn’t filtered down to the practice I have been going to.

I discovered my blood sugar issues on my own last year when I was trying to deal with an issue of ongoing tiredness – I have had sleep studies, stress tests, all kinds of tests, and most of my bloodwork is very normal, except for my slightky low TSH. Until just a few months ago my fasting bg was about 101 – my pcp didn’t care that I was seeing post meal spikes at 200- 240 since my fasting gluocse was low enough for her comfort. And then she accused me of metering improperly! When my fasting suddenly went to 120- 130 I freaked out,a nd basically threw a temper tantrum to make the doctor rx metformin, and refer me to an endo. I don’t like having to treat my doctors that way, I don’t like interacting with them like a hysterical maniac. But I saw the danger in that sudden jump, and i am angry that they dilly dallied around with my diagnosis, while my beta cells were screaming for help. And I’m willingt o do what I have to do to get help.

Since I have been changing my diet to try to get my glucose in line, I have felt less tired, but I’m still having issues. I want to try getting treatment, even low dose treatment for the thyroid, and see if that could help. If it doesn’t, I’ll chalk my energy issues up to the diabetes, and work on that full steam. But I can’t give up and let them mask potential symptoms with other drugs – drugs that have really catastrophic side effect potential. My pcp actually suggested an antidepressant for my tiredness! I refused that too.

I wish I could have more trust in my doctors, but I am getting increasingly skeptical and suspicious.