Endo appt

They said they had a larger cuff and took my bp at 140 over 90, but I told them I was rushed and stressed, I had problems finding the office again in the rain, and the traffic was bad. So they agreed to let it go until July, because we are switching meds again and I only want one new set of sideeffects at one time k thx, but they gave me strong warnings. I really think it will be normal if I can arrange to have a copacetic morning. I also need to examine their cuff – she “said” it was for larger people and it didn’t feel wrong, but this is also the staffperson who insisted on doing the reading on my forearm last time with the clearly too small cuff, so…okay so until we have clearly determined I am getting a good set of readings I am taking the bp thing sceptically, especially since I used to be low bp.

I asked what they would want to put me on, and without hesitation he told me an “ACE inhibitor”. Must do the look looky thing. I know he really wants me on more meds, but I don’t want to be on any more meds than I really need.

He did agree to switch the Metformin back to regular from the ER formulation. I must be one of the rare people for whom the regular stuff works best. Of course, I suspect I have had slow stomach emptying for years, and it may be screwing with the dosing.

They insisted on weighing me. Since that number is lower than the number from the last office visit, I got an “atta girl” and supportive comments. I think they are missing the point. I think I lose weight when my bg gets too high, and the new metformin was not cutting it. I know they like it when I lose weight, but I am not sure it means what they want it to mean. I had to knock off the exercising because my hip has been bothering me and my shoulder also – so I do not think “diet and exercise” produced that loss. As a matter of fact, I have not been so restricting inw hat I have been eating because I was sick and felt I needed the extra nutrition, so I have been eating both breakfast and lunch most days. So from behavior alone I “should” have gained and not lost. I am worried that it really means that my beta cells are failing, and my native insulin is getting lower and lower…

They did take more blood, and I got copies not only of my last draw from them, but that last draw the PPC took. The endo’s last TSH was 4.53. (The range he used is between .3 and 5.0, so still no treatment for that.) The PPC’s last TSH was 2.0 but this was the one they drew at nearly 3pm, when my TSH is probably at the highest it will be all day. You bastards should treat me for the conditions I have, not the conditions the drug companies want you to treat me for.

The rest of my blood numbers were mostly down the middle normal. They almost always are.edit: I need to look up “ferritin” that was kind of high, and what’s wierd is the other numbers associated with iron were all very normal, and “Total Hydroxy-D” was low, which is why he has me taking vitamin D.