Thigh Pump Sites

Im recent years I have only used my stomache for my pump sites. I recently started using my arms and I know I can put them in my legs, but I have some questions.

Where in my thigh should I put them?
What should I avoid in terms of location?
How often should I expect complications?

You can use any spot on your thigh that feels comfortable. (I wouldn't use the inner thigh simply because it would rub and might come loose). By "complications" do you mean problems with sites? I actually asked this question recently because I felt I was losing way too many sites and people shocked me by saying like 3-4 a year! I was having that many problems in a month, and sometimes in a week! Once you get past the learning curve problems shouldn't be frequent, and if they are then you should review your technique. I did that and discovered something important I was doing wrong!

I agree with Zoe, you will learn what feels ok. I tend not to go more than mid thigh down, tend to stay more on the "top" and over to the inner thigh than the outer thigh because I have more pinch inside than outside! I did have to change the type of set I use in my thigh (Silhouette) vs my buttock (quickset) because I was having trouble with quicksets not working correctly the second day in when in my thigh. Regarding complications - I have not noticed anything different - I have been blessed and had only a couple of site infections, one thigh one buttock that cleared with treatment. I don't use my tummy for insulin, that's reserved for Dex. I don't use my arms, I absorb to quickly there so I just don't want to deal with having to reprogram all my pump settings!

The danger with thigh sites (for me, anyway) is muscle. If I put my site in a more muscular area, absorption rates increase and I'm more likely to go low (especially if exercising). When I use my thigh region, I try to stick to my "side butt" and hip areas, as well as my outer thighs, where I tend to have a little more fat. I avoid my quadriceps area, as I have very muscular quads.