Thigh success!

I’ve been pumping for many years (started with the Minimed 508) and I finally went outside my comfort zone and used my upper thigh for an infusion site…holy success!!! I’m sure it’s not for everyone but if you’re thinking about it, give it a shot.


Wondering if it was upper inner thigh or outer thigh? I am constantly looking for new territory and have tried the upper outer thigh but I always run higher so my absorption must be less. I have just yesterday been thinking about inner thigh.

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I’ve had more success middle to inner thigh

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I have also had good success with both inner and outer thighs. Any spot that has some pinchable skin, it’s fair game!

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Upper thigh is my favorite pod sites, either outer or inner. I use a barrier (tegaderm) and find the skin on the outer thigh is less sensitive so tend to prefer that.

Has anyone tried a Dexcom CGM on the upper thigh? Seems like if a Pod works there a CGM would too. T1d for 43 years so always looking for new sites.

I wore my CGM on my upper thigh for 10 days. It was fine. I prefer using my stomach, but I will probably use my thigh again.

I have used inner thighs with G4, and now G6 with good results. Also use back of upper arm.
Stomach used for pump infusion sites only.

Thanks. I will give both a try in the coming month.