Infusion sites - inside or outside of thighs?

I´m trying to find new sites for my 6 mm steel cannulas and am considering my thighs. I´m a bit confused about whether it´s the inside or the outside I should try. A search gives me the outside of thigh as the right option (illustrated body maps), but I was told by a fellow type 1 that he used the inside. I tried it once but got a heavy bruise and bad absorption off course. Anyone who could give me some input on this?

I use the 13 mm flexible canula angle sets and have put them in both inside and outside of thigh. Both work, but some insertions on the inside can be uncomfortable so I prefer the outside,

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I’ve had so-so luck on both inside and outside my thighs. Inside sometimes is too sensitive. Outside sometimes gets bumped and uncomfortable. I get more reliable results on the front of my thighs, actually. Regardless, thighs are a preferred site for me.

Thank you for your insights @jjm335 and @Thas. I´ve just tried the outside of the thigh with no luck. Bloodsugar kept rising even with triple the amount of insulin I would usually have used. I gave up and found another site on my flank.

It´s strange my thighs doesn´t work. When using syringes back in the early 80s I solely used my thighs. Abdomen was introduced with MDI, but I still used my thighs as well. Guess it´s just different with a pump.

Front of the thighs is one of my preferred spots. Inside and outside (flank) are both sensitive/painful areas, and I generally find that if it hurts, it’s not a good spot absorption-wise either.

Wow, - we´re different, @DrBB. The one I put in my flank works great. BS dropped immediately.

Diabetics–no two are alike!

I always use outside, and my new favorite place My back 6MM flexible

I also use 6mm steel cannulas and I have great luck with the top of my thighs. Like, when you’re sitting down the part that is in line with the ceiling. I tried my saddle bag area once (outside and little high) and that gave me great absorption but hurt pretty bad. I’m also pretty muscular and thin, though.

Thanks for input, @MissMargie. I have given up my thighs for the moment. I tried the back of my arms this morning with no luck, it really hurt.