Using thighs for infusion sets

I need to give the abdomen and upper hip areas a rest. I don't want to use my upper arms cuz the tubing has to be so long and what a waste (in my mind) of insulin. SO I'm toying with the sides (inner and outer) and top or front of my thighs. My question: How to you keep pants and jeans from loosening the set? I already - especially in summer - use Skin Tac, so I can use that. Do you cover it with Tegaderm? Does that work?


I use angle sets and a lot of thigh sites both front, inner and outer. You might want to be careful with the inner thigh sets as they can on occasion be uncomfortable.

I have a minor problem with skin irritation from the set adhesive, so I use Cavillon spray as a barrier. This tends to make the sets stick less well and the thigh sites have a particular tendency to peel due to the rubbing action of jeans/trousers. I use Skin Tac mainly for my CGM sensors, but have on occasion also used it to to help stick down a peeling set. This works well. In my experience Skin Tac would stick an elephant to my skin.

The thigh areas are my favorite sites to use as over used the stomach area (38 years). I use the Thigh Thing and wear it above my knee with the pump facing to the inner leg. It has never fallen out. No need for the use of anything to stick it down. The tubing I use is not too long. I use Accu-Check Tender II, infusion 13 mm/ 60 cm tubing. also use any pouch on the waist. I hide it well. Also Animas Ping has the remote for easy access.

When you use an angled set on your thigh do you insert the canula so it is vertical or horizontal?


I love using my thighs! I find that tight jeans are usually the worst at pulling out a site (or really, rubbing down the adhesive until the site literally rolls off of your leg). I use SkinTac and it seems to work well. You can cover it with any adhesive, just watch which ones work for you!


Thanks for bringing up the "tight jeans" aspect - I love my skinny jeans!. I'll try it the next time I change sets.

On my thighs I put the set in at around a 45 degree angle with the cannula pointing downwards and inwards. There is no scientific reason whatsoever for me doing this. I just seem to have got into the habit and as it works, I don't change it.

Artwoman, Have you considered using the girls as an alternative site yet? Tubing length is short, and can use either straight or slant sets. Placement under bra keeps the emergent clothing adjustments down so rarely an issue with accidental removal.
I have good numbers while using them. Currently have dex on the inside, and infusion site on the top of the same side. No problem with either and since I tend to side sleep can do it without sleeping on the dex site and getting those lovely V dropouts from compression.
If I use a straight set vs my usual slant set, I do need more basal, but that was the case for me on other sites as well.
I have more surface veining on one side vs the other so I use the straight set on that side, as its a little easier. Just add in a temp bolus rate change to cover the time I'm using the straight set.
And just a nod to all that think it's gotta hurt, it is no different then any other site, some do, and some don't. If i feel it when I start, then I move over a little bit. The only difference I have noticed is that for me the skin is a bit more squishy/stretchy/rubbery on manual insertion, so I need to pinch up a bit more. Probably has to do with there being less muscle under the fat/skin layer.

Oh yeah - I've used the girls often. (I started a couple discussion about it here). Anyway, I am giving that area (or those areas?) a rest as well. I find the straight-in sets work best. And the bra helps keep things where they should be. I like to use the girls in the summer - I sweat so much in the ab area that I lose sets (even with skin tac) I also use the girls for my Dexcom sensors.

One Thing to consider is on the thighs it's better to put the tubing so that it leaves the sensor on the lower part and not on the top so when you pull your pants down (sorry!) no way it will come out. I usually do that but changed types and today having trouble with that. Don't know if I've been clear. I do vertical insertion.

Thanks Mari, you did address one of my concerns. I also think it is a lot like those old garter belts (I remember days pre-pantyhose!) Anyway, you want the underwear over the tubing! Isn't it lovely we can speak opening about things here?

I use the connect detach most of the time, but I do have some angled sets as well. I was thinking if I use the connect detach, I would cover the whole shebang with a tegaderm patch - just to avoid catching my thumb in the loop and losing the set!

I use the Quick Set Infusion sets with 32 inch tubing with my Medtronic Minimed Revel 523 pump and have had no problems, either with the adhesive or positioning and keeping the set intact on my thighs. I live in Florida and only wear jeans in the winter when it's cooler. (It's still hitting 90 degrees!) My jeans are fashionably snug but not overly tight and some care is needed when pulling them up or down not to snag the infusion set. I rotate my infusion sites every 3rd day and use my thighs, my buttocks (where I can reach), hips, abdomen, and sometimes my upper arms.

I have been pumping about 5 weeks now, running out of places to stick my infusion set on my stomach so I have started going to my thighs "outer" and I really do like that spot.. I use the Accu Chek Ultraflex its a 90' cannula. So far so good :)

If you are concerned about tight jeans rubbing the site off, try wearing underwear with long legs but tight. This will put a layer of protection from the rubbing between the site and the jeans.


Thanks Steve, that's a great idea! They do make those kinds for women now and it will be nice now that weather is getting cooler.