Things looking up

So I found out today I finally got a job again! :) It's back at the place I used to work at but thats OK it's better then no job at all. I go to see the endo in 2 weeks...I'm still not happy with my blood sugars but it will get better... I've still been kind of depressed but they upped my meds so maybe that will help plus I've been going to swimnastics's like a low-exercise in shallow water (only bad thing is I'm the youngest one there..) but that seems to happen with me everywhere!..the exercise group, the support group, the diabetes office, podiatry office....yeah oh well lol it's ok it is just kinda akward sometimes because them old folks look at me like what are you doing here??? :) See yaa!

I used to notice that, too, when I was a young diabetic. The majority of diabetics are T2. Old age is the great equalizer when you are diabetic. :-)