Things Are Looking Up


Things are getting a bit better for me these past couple of days.

Yesterday school ended for summer, so me and my friend Alie went to the cinema to see Hairspray which was good (much salty popcorn was eaten and my sugars shot up to 19.9 mmol/l ;]) and then back to her house where we ate and then dyed Alie's hair "red-violet" over her bath. It looks amazing!

Some weird thing happened, and when I took my glucose levels again at 21.00 they'd fallen right down to 9.4, the lowest they've ever been! so they'd fallen 10.5 mmol/l (189 mg/dl) in 2 hours. So after watching Big Brother I had two slices of (wholemeal) bread with peanut butter. yayy!

and by the morning it was out of my target range again, at 10.6. Pfffft.