Things that nobody told me

I have some good practices that I have been using, and wanted to share them with you guys to see what your thoughts are:

(I only use shots, not pump)

  • Measuring how much sugar would be reduced by 1 unit of crystalline insulin (to avoid lows)
  • Measuring how much sugar would be in your system after eating your favorite meals
  • Always measure your sugar lvl before using crystalline insulin. Fixed amounts can produce lots of lows
  • Eat regularly, even when your sugar lvl is high. I use shots to reduce high lvls, but it´s important not to skip meals
  • When you sleep less hours than normal, try to measure your lvls before going out and drive because you could get low on the way
  • Always keep a glucometer with you. I also have some sugar with me in case of lows. At the beggining I ended up eating whatever I had, so I started using candies that I don´t like at all, so the only chance I would eat them, would be that I’m low


Hum, Measuring how much sugar would be in my system after eating my Favorite food, well it seems that when I do that, some where hidden in me is that left over Pumpkin Pie:) it sees the New one coming and they ban together and get me double time. Giggles…I know, I write about my insides like they are a war of little men ready to get me. But I can’t do what you do, guessing gets me everytime.

I use Glucose tab, and a wee bit of pepsi (ick) I don’t like Pepsi… wonder what the Pepsi co would think when I say I use there product for Low"s because I hate the taste:) Giggles~~~

Ya know what works for you is a great thing, and its wonderful you have found that:)

I use shots too, the Pump just sounds like a pain in the B for me. I don’t like all the mishaps of them that I read about. I want a pump and line that is stuck in me for ever. So I guess thats not going to happen, so a Cure is a wish:)
You take care of you:)