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Hi ..

I have been diabetic (type 1) for 49 years, I have been taking shots sense I was three years old. I have never been part of a blog or chat room. And honestly I have never talk much with other diabetic, about diabetes. I found this group just what I have been looking for and am grateful. I just got my pump and I see my pump trainer next week. What kind of information can you offer for someone just getting ready to "plug-in".
How do you manage your BG and your experiences with that. do you keep a accurate log-everyday? Do you measure and count accurate carbs every-time you eat? I would like to hear form those of you on the pump - what you like most about the pump and what you like least. What about active sleepers -- does the pump get in the way? Well .. I hope to get my BG down at least one # and live an even healthier if not longer life. Thank you for checking out my Blog and I look forward to hearing from you...


Hi Frances -

Wow! 49 years. That’s twice as long as I’ve had the D. I’m glad you found - I’m sure you’ll like it here.

What kind of pump will you be using? All pumps have different features - I can give more specific advice if I know which one.

But - some solid advice for any pumper - TEST, TEST, TEST and DEFINITELY log everything - your insulin, carbs, exercise, etc. You will need solid, consistent data to make the most of pumping - and the only way to get that is to test and to write things down - and THEN to look for patterns so you can make appropriate adjustments.

Be as accurate as you possibly can with carb counting - it WILL matter.

I am a very active sleeper. Get the longer tubing - it’s available with any of the infusion sets. Sew a pocket into the pants you sleep in if they don’t already have one. I have, on occasion, pulled out a set in the night - not fun, but it does happen. The best way to avoid it is to keep the pump pocketed and to use the long tubing.

My favorite thing about pumping: flexibility, the ability to adjust and gain tighter control…

Least favorite thing: it is a machine. Attached to me. 24/7. Urg.

Tell us more about what pump you’re getting…

I think that patience will be key. It is quite a transition, but well worth it once you get it all adjusted right.

Thank you for responding … I have been very good at testing and good at recording what I eat … but that goes in waves… I am not so good at being exact with my carb count – takes too much time to look everything up… I tent to chase my highs BG’s … I will be using the ANIMUS pump – the cosmore was not covered by my secondary ins. and I wanted the embedded food menu-carb-counter. I I have a trainer coming from 10 miles away to train me. I think this pump has the lowest amount of insulin dose allowed… mmm… I believe it is 0.025u or 1/4 of a unit. Which is good for me cuz I take very small doses of insulin. I have been reading and practicing with the pump. so I can do all the steps – just haven’t plugged it in yet. pump siteis -

I’m so sorry that it took this long to get back to you but blogging and reading my blog commits are not my best point. Ugh like you I’m totally new to this world (even though it looks like I’m not HA) When I was growing up computers were still in a BIG basement!
Your my hero for living with D for 44 years whither you know it or not you making it that far is one of the reasons I want to do what I can do for other generations! THANK YOU!