Things you took for granted

it’s amazing how much people take for granted until it’s gone. health, people, possesions. we complain in the moment and only later do we realize that what we had was such a wonderful thing.

i think over these 24 years i’ve lived, i’ve been taught those lessons well. i cannot take my health for granted because i work so hard to maintain it. i don’t take love for granted because i nearly lost it once before. i don’t take family for granted because i’ve finally connected to all of mine. i don’t take people for granted because one of the best people i had the privilage of knowing was taken from us so suddenly. and i don’t take my looks for granted becaue i realize now that what i loved to complain about was actually very beautiful.

don’t take things for granted. when they’re gone you’ll realize how important they were to you and you can’t always get them back. be thankful every day for what is right in front of you. life has a funny way of showing you what it wants you to see. the lessons aren’t always easy i suppose.

Thanks for this! A very good reminder…