Thinking of starting on a pump

I was diagnosed with diabetes 7+ years ago, found out about 5 years ago it was LADA. Started on insulin about 3 years ago, and as the diabetes has progressed, I have gradually increased from just basal insulin to basal (Levemir) morning and evening and Humalog with every meal. I have been thinking that it might be time to look into a pump. Based on the research I have done, I am convinced that for me only the Omnipod would be preferable to MDI. So the pros and cons I have read about are summarized below.

  1. HbA1c: I eat low carb (30 to 50 carbs per day) and keep my HbA1c between 5.3 to 5.7. I see that the lowest setting for target glucose on the Omnipod is 110. I am worried that a hybrid closed loop would not be able to give that good results, particularly because the algorithms are based on eating a higher carb diet. However, I could keep it in manual and perhaps get even better control with adjustable basal rates.
  2. Infusion site problems. This seems to be what causes many people to go back to MDI.
  3. I am fond of my Libre3 CGMs. No need to calibrate and only need to change every 14 days. The Dexcom 6 needs calibration, doesn’t it? And only lasts 10 days.
  4. If I had my druthers, I would go manual with an Omnipod Dash with Libre3, but it looks like my insurance would force me to get the Onmipod5/Dexcom6 combo.
  5. I’m thinking about how nice it would be to not have to go to the restroom to inject insulin at restaurants, just initiate bolus by phone.
  6. We’re planning some trips to Europe and Asia and dealing with the time changes for basal injections would seem to be much easier with a pump.
  7. We live on a lake and do a lot of swimming in the summer, which is one of the main reasons I don’t like the idea of a tubed pump.
    So since you all are a team of experienced experts, should I go for it? Do any of you eat a low carb diet and use an Omnipod? Or any other type of pump? I understand that there is no long term commitment with the Omnipod, so I could at least give it a try and switch back to MDI if I don’t like it. I have an endo appointment coming up in about a month, so that would be the time to make the change. I am interested in what you all think.

Couple of things to consider
1. Hybrid Closed Loop pumps suspend on low and can increase delivery on high. Maintaining your target numbers and time in range is still up to you. Which means the pump targets are not a deciding factor.
3. Rumor is Abbott is going to release a Libre 3 plus later this year and that is what the pumps are going to support. Here’s where I heard the rumor and is also a great summary of the current pumps. Taking Control Of Your Diabetes® - The Podcast! | Evaluating Diabetes Technology: The Pros & Cons of Different Devices, with David Ahn, MD Dexcom G6 and newer don’t require calibration.
4. If you are considering going manual just go manual with the Omnipod5. Libre compatibility should be out in the second half of this year along with G7 support.
8. Levemir is being discontinued in the US this year so you should talk to your endo about a replacement in addition to a pump You always need something on hand in case the pump goes down or you can’t get new ones.


You can do Loop with Dash pods.

With Loop, you can set whatever BG target you want. And you use your actual phone, not the extra PDM phone that comes with the Omnipod 5 or the PDM that you are “supposed” to use with Omnipod Dash.

Check out Loop references on TuD.

While I’m not personally a fan of Omnipod because it doesn’t work for me, the great thing about them is that there’s no strings attached. There’s no big commitment to them, like with my preferred brand of pump. If you have private insurance, you can even sign up for a10-day free trial on their website.

There’s literally no reason to agonize over the decision. Try it, and see if you like it. If you don’t, don’t order more. If you do like it, continue on.

Even though I didn’t have success with them, I still quite like having some pods on the shelf. It’s good to have choices and backups.


I was recently talking to a pod user in my endo’s waiting room. She used one pod a week, just for the three days she worked in a courthouse, because she found it easier than dealing with injections in that environment. On the other days of the week, when she was in her home office or over the weekend, she switched to MDI. She loved the balance. It got me thinking…


Tandem also offers a one month trial. Anyone see anything similar from Medtronic and iLet?