Any help would be greatly appreciated

I took Manny’s advice and I joined to try to get donations towards my insulin pump. The link to join and support my cause to get the insulin pump is I would greatly appreciate it if anyone does online shopping if they would look through that site and see if the store they like to use is listed. Ebay is listed on there. Any purchase you make a donation will be made to me to help me raise the $1600 I need as a down payment for my insulin pump.

Thank you all in advance


Thank you very much. I appreciate it.


What we should do for Cody, and for everyone else who needs medical care, is what every major country except America does: HAVE UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE. It is unconscionable that Cody needs to ask for charity. Health care should be a right.


There are organizations who can help you with the cost of an insulin pump. I run one myself and can help you find other financial resources. You do have to qualify for assistance for any program but I encourage you to visit and look over our insulin pump assistance programs.

There are three basic criteria to qualify: (1) A doctor must prescribe the pump (we must have an Rx on file); (2) You must show why you cannot afford the cost of the pump on your own (reason and proof of financial hardship); and (3) how you will be able to pay for the supplies on your own if we help you get the pump.

Have a great holiday!
Lahle Wolfe
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Thanks for the information. I qualified through animas on the financial assistance program and I need $1300 for a down payment and the cost of the pump is $3200 and they are giving me a 30% discount on supplies.

I will check it out and look over the assistance programs.


Hi Cody,

We work with Animas and love them … but just an FYI the same 30% “discount” Animas is giving you on supplies you can get through several online wholesale companies (and sometimes even better pricing through them). The 30% “discount” Animas is offering is based on full, noncontracted insurance rates and is already artificially high. It may not be the cheapest source.


Thanks for the information. When I get home from work I will print out the papers and fill them out and get them sent. Animas has a copy of my presciption already as well. So far they have been great to work with.


Pay pal address is

Sometimes, life happens in strange ways. I’ve received a blessing and I choose to pass some on:)
Merry Christmas!

Hey Cody, I am happy to help out. I wish you well and I hope you get your pump very soon. Getting a chance to share with another diabetic will make my Christmas a happy one. I hope yours is too.
I found exactly the books I was looking for at Barnes and Noble. It will just be sweeter to get them knowing you will benefit too.

Thanks I appreciate it.