This makes no sense to me

My numbers have flipped, all of a sudden my blood sugar control doesn't exist. I called my Endo and await his reply. It doesn't make sense because I am doing everything right but still can't maintain any control. I spike after foods I've never had a problem with. It has been a month now and I'm sick of it. first thought it was due to an ear infection, then hormones, and maybe a bum vial of insulin. No longer sick, hormonal, and new vial with the same result. What is happening?

Hi ish, maybe the change of seasons? I always need more insulin with fall, then need less in the spring. This need for more insulin hit me about a week ago, spent two days that I just couldn't bring my BG down.

You know, I have only ever noticed a change in need over the summer when I tend to burn through everything and need less. Never had that happen when it cooled off, but it did start just as things got chilly around here. You might be on to something. Thanks for the tip!

Yes summer and heat, I use lessinsulin, colder weather I need more. Dunno why.

The older one becomes after having the disease for several years becomes more difficult to manage and/or maintain optimal control. The main thing to remember is to keep watch and report any findings. Every person is different and each diabetic has his own set of issues. I feel sorry for the numerous endocrinologists I've visited over the course of my lifetime. They all had diagnosis difficulties, some worked and others didn't. Just find the right doctor and continuously monitor yourself and report any useful findings. Hope this helps....I'm a life time diabetic.