This moved me

Thanks for sharing this. What a succinct description of what it’s like to live with Type 1 – and expressed in a way that non-diabetics can understand, too.

By far the best description of what it’s like to live with diabetes I have ever read.

I’ve recommended it to my entire family.


Wonderful–thanks for posting. My own sister still thinks it’s just taking insulin & shrugs it off.

Yes, so well put. Food = calculations.

I am printing this out for my family. It couldn’t possibly be worded any better! Thanks so much! I am a new Type 1 and I don’t know anyone around me who has any idea what its like.

wow, i cried half way through it…so incredibly true feelings

So did I.

Thanks for sharing this Etta… Indeed it’s very moving. Makes me wish this story should be out there for everybody to read…and appreciate.

Eloquent writing. A tactful description that clearly distinguishes T1 from T2. Somebody get this writer to join TuD.

I find that I get really emotional when reading things about diabetes like this. I was reading Rufus, the bear with diabetes to a grade one class for the first time and I got a little misty… nobody could tell though, thank god.

When a skilled writer puts into words the jumble of thoughts and emotions we all feel but are unable to so eloquently express, it packs a huge emotional punch.