This story (about T1D and carring husband) hits pretty close to home for me!

Story about a Type 1 diabetic and her caring husbund.

Many of us can relate to one or both of the people in this story. I can relate to the Husband after helping my Mom help My Dad through some very scary hypo events. I can also relate to the Wife as I try to avoid being a burden to my Wife with all of the trials and tribulations that come with my own T1D.


I particularly like this.

It’s almost as if a light switch flips when she comes out of the low. The first coherent words out of her mouth were, “Babe, don’t call EMS. I’m fine.” It’s at that moment when I can exhale and she takes her diabetes back over from me. It’s at those moments when she radiates strength, a fierce perseverance and sometimes, a quiet resignation. Sometimes though, I can see the brave mask she wears slip. And I can see how much she hates it. How much it takes out of her. How much it scares her. Then I see her spine stiffen and she pushes through it. And in those moments, I hate diabetes.

This is one of the best descriptions I’ve seen from a person who loves and lives with a T1D. Diabetes is a nasty foe. Knowing you have help when you’re at your most vulnerable is priceless.


I have a husband much like this man. We met when I was 15 and he was 17. He will be 70 in June. I was dx with type 1 when I was 8. When 21 I became clinically depressed and stayed that way on and off until I was 34. He loves me so he accepted my illnesses and became my biggest supporter. He is an amazing person. Together we also raised an extremely ill son. I spent years researching his mental illnesses when not so much was known about them 24 yrs ago. We supported our wonderful son the way my husband supports me. Love the person hate the illnesses.

In the past 9 yrs my husband has had 3 different types of cancer, so I have spent months researching his forms of cancer and the best treatments. When we were out walking last year I broke my foot. When we realized it was broken we just started laughing because it was so minor. I had recently recovered from 5 yrs of Chronic Fatigue syndrome so it was rather frustrating to be back in a wheelchair, but it was also rather amusing because I knew I would be better fairly soon.

It takes so much love, support, and courage but isn’t that what true love is all about? The 2 of us are all doing very well now and plan on loving our lives hopefully for another 20 yrs. Our son still has Tourette’s but it has calmed down a lot and he is bipolar, but he is working and is very happy.

I am so grateful to have my wonderful husband.