This one is for Dave the Sure-T Man

Dave or Anyone

I have been using the Sure-Ts for about two years now and after exercise or walking I have noticed blood in the tubing near the needle any idea what might be causing it? Also notice that my blood sugars are starting a rapid climb. I really like the Sure-T verses the quickset . I was always having problems with a kinked cannula. I’m on hold with Minimed help desk about ten minutes now they keep saying another 15 minutes. What is going on with them. I have never had this many problems getting thru.

Oh, wow, I’m proud to say that I’m “Mrs. Dave the Sure-T Man” :slight_smile: And BTW, I use the Sure-T’s too!

Happy to meet you , Mrs. Mary Dave …here another Sure-T user…because of Dave…:slight_smile:
Jenni , did you get through to MM ??