This stinks I moved and mini med sent my package to the old address!

This is my 3 month supply of pump stuff infusion sets and what nots and now I am going to be out till this mess gets fixed!! uggh I did call and change the address and still they sent it to there. what am I going to do I one have 1 infusion set left!! and well cgm stuff I get from ccs medical so I am good there but heck without infusion sets my pump is useless!! What am I going to do I guess for starters I am going to call but man now I am worried because me and lantus don’t get along it seems to drop me and I don;t want that to happen especially since I am working on the ambulance all weekend!! uggh junk this stinks!!

Sorry for the rant but I have never been out of pump supplies.

I sent you a message.

Great news mini med said they called ups and changed the address but the shipment won’t be here till the 30th