Those Glucerna shakes!

I dont “low carb”. I try to be mindful of carbs, but if I want something I’m not going to deny myself either. Of course we are all different in how carbs affect us. I usually can tolerate carbs pretty good, and accurately dose for them. Rice is the one food that gives me fits that every time I eat it I SWEAR it will be the last time. What works for me though is just moderation.

My daughter is one of the “lucky” Type 1s in that (for now at least) she doesn’t need to eat low-carb in order for me to manage post-prandial spikes effectively (most of the time). I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but I suspect this won’t continue to be the case once she has reached adulthood…

I use EAS – high protein, fair calories (around 100) and lo carb 2 - 4 gms.
Doesn’t spike me.
Quick pick me up – the protein is good.
I’m a teacher and we keep a peanut free environment (allergies) so I can’t keep around PB crackers or quick proteins like I used to .
Started using EAS and like them – three different flavors.

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