Thoughts on vaccines

I was wondering how most parents feel about routine vaccinations for their children? Do you feel these may have some how played into the autoimmune response in our children? I have some friends who have autistic children and they are very strongly against vaccines. I know more and more parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children. I have had all my children vaccinated but when my friends voice their strong views I can’t help but feel like I am being made to think I have harmed my children for life. And that the vaccines have triggered Rory’s diabetes. I don’t know what to think anymore and I am constantly battling with the decision about getting the rest of them for Ava, our 9 month old, or not.

I hear you loud and clear and have the same thoughts almost daily. I have printed out tons of literature that supports that vaccines may trigger the onset of D. All of mine are vaccinated but were all on a delayed schedule. I really feel like I did my research then - but since have learned even more. Our youngest needs one more round of everything - but I am so leary since there is evidence that one of those vaccines might trigger her autoimmune response. I know that 2 of the vaccines (I cannot remember the ones off hand) actually have in their literature that one of the side effects is Type 1 Diabetes. I think we are often scared or bullied into getting these vaccines by our pediatricians. I am so on the fence bc I do not believe that I am anti-vax either. I saw Dr. Robert Sears talk about his book on vaccines and I read it thoroughly and never did it mention Diabetes. I think had I ever read that D could be a side effect - i would have elected NOT to have that one and taken the consequences - like not being able to school my children in public school. I don;t know if my response has helped at all - but know you are not alone in your thoughts!

I feel like I haven’t done my research. I had wondered if it would have some connection but didn’t really look further into it. I had talked to Ava’s (my 9 month old) doctor and she never mentioned anything (of course) about any of the vaccines possibly triggering Type 1 Diabetes. She said so much testing and research is done to develop the vaccines and that they wouldn’t be knowingly given to our children if they truly did harm. And if it was as simple as one or 2 of the vaccines then that would be the solution to finding the cause of Type 1 Diabetes and that would have already been considered. Like you said, if I would have known that I would have opted for Ava not to receive it since there is the potential risk in the family. I don’t consider my self anti-vaccine either, but if there are potential side effects that may trigger a disease that is now known in the family I want to know about it! I feel terrible that I haven’t done my research on the subject. I just get overwhelmed with everything and don’t research everything that I should. If you think of which ones listed that please let me know, in the mean time I will try to find more info about it. Thank you.

I am sorry your father and your family had to experience Polio. Like I said before I do not consider myself anti-vaccine. All my children are up-to-date on their vaccines and I am a nurse routinely giving vaccines all the time. i am still working through feelings of guilt about what has happened to Rory and trying to learn to accept it. In times of frustrations I want to find something to blame and with all the articles and information I am presented with that state vaccines may be the cause it makes me wonder. I would not want any of those diseases to back though either. when I discussed my concerns with Ava’s dr. before she said parents today who are choosing to not vaccinate their children do not truly understand how severe and fatal these childhood disease were and that they were irradicated for a reason and are no longer a threat to our children because of vaccines. But at the same time, being repsonsible for my child’s health I want to be well informed to make decisions. If I have a child who may be predisposed to a certain disease and it is known that a vaccine may trigger this disease I want to be able to review all the information and research that supports it and make a truly informed decision about whether to have my child receive the vaccine or not. If anything I wish I would have had Ava tested already for the autoantibodies and then maybe followed a delayed schedule with the vaccines. With more and more vaccines being developed and given all the time how can they truly be sure that they aren’t responsible for the increased incidence in some diseaes, particularly autoimmune disesases? And what are the long term effects? Still I want to trust in our drs because they have access to more information and research studies than the average person and would provide parents with the most accurate and up to date information about vaccines. And like you said and I had said before, if it was as simple as a vaccine, they would have been removed from the market. Ava’s dr stated that when severe adverse effects are noted and documented as a result of vaccines, those particular vaccines are removed from the market and reevaluated. The truth is I will most likely not withhold any vaccines from my children, I haven’t to this point. but I think I do owe it to them to try and read more and learn more about vaccines and potential side effects and make an informed decision and do what is best for my child.