Anyone getting them for their baby?

I’m scared to give vaccinations to my baby. But I’m scared NOT to give them to her too. So, please tell me your story if you have other little ones who have/ have not received vaccinations. Please give your reasons why.

I want this discussion to remain open and without heated debate. I’ve done a lot of research on this topic and am pretty secure in my decision (so far- only 30 weeks pregnant). I want to say that I WILL NOT change my mind… but if I’m shown proof enough for me, I just may.

So far, I’m choosing not to vaccinate our baby. We are even planning to home school. Of course this has only been discussed verbally for 2 years between my husband and myself. Maybe when the time comes for her to actually go to school, maybe it’ll be too much for us to handle. Or maybe we’ll change our minds later on. But, so far, we are non-vaccinating parents.

My reason being: I’m the only Type 1 in the entire family bloodlines on both sides. I’ve read many research studies over the years since diagnosis (1998) that state that many Type 1s develop the disease after receiving a certain batch of vaccinations. They are doing an elaborate study in Japan to prove this theory, but I havent found any results on it yet.

I feel like the US is pushing vaccinations down our throats. Scaring us into giving them to our children. Or into giving them to ourselves to “protect” our children. I’m not a “consipracy freak” and most who’ve known me over the years here at TuD would confirm that. But, for example: the H1N1 vaccine was tested and released in 2006. Do you guys remember the outbreak? It was in 2009- THREE YEARS after they tested the vaccine in their labs. To this day, I have not taken the H1N1 vaccine.

My last batch of vaccinations was my freshman year of high school. Incidentally, the vaccinations were taken end of August 1998. I was diagnosed end of September 1998. Could just be coincidence.

I dunno. I just don’t trust it. What are your thoughts?

This is the first I’ve heard that there is any possible connection between immunizations and type 1 diabetes. Can you share a link to any of the research you’ve read? I’d be interested to read it–thanks.

We did a delayed vaccination schedule. I was just completely against anyone getting 3-4 vaccinations in one day, let alone a tiny baby. With our doctor’s support and recommendations, we spread each grouping of shots over a few months, so that meant more office visits, and some shots were given much later than recommended, but I felt better about it in the long run.

Also, if there ever was a reaction to the immunizations, we could localize it to one, instead of trying to guess which one in the drug cocktail created the problems.

I plan on vaccinating my child because I think the risks are actually pretty minimal, but I wanted to mention a friend’s decision regarding his son and vaccinations. His father and uncle both went deaf shortly after getting vaccinated at the same time. If I remember correctly, they werent’ the only ones out of that group of kids. The theory is that particular batch of vaccinations were “bad” somehow. Even though my friend was vaccinated and never lost his hearing, he just couldn’t bring himself to vaccinate his son just in case.

But the part that stands out for me is that, even if you don’t vaccinate your children, they’re still pretty safe from all of those diseases as long as they are in an area where almost all children are vaccinated for them. If 99% of the population is vaccinated for mumps, for example, then there are very, very few unvaccinated people that can carry mumps and potentially infect your child.

I think vaccinatinos are a good thing, but the above logic makes perfect sense. If I personally felt my child were at risk from vaccinations, I’d feel fairly safe opting against them as long as we’re in the States or a country with comparable vaccination policies.

We will vaccinate our son.

It could be that I’m not worried about this because I got diabetes when I was 21 years old – long after my vaccinations were done (but not too long after taking some strong antibiotics and fighting off a wicked virus). So I don’t blame vaccinations.

Also, before vaccinations, children could die from serious illnesses that are now eradicated. It is true that your child will be safe because most children are vaccinated. But my general view is that the problems that vaccinations cause pale in comparison to the problems that families used to face before they had vaccinations.

I had never heard about spacing out the vaccinations more (like Lisa mentioned). I may ask about that! Thanks for sharing.

I vaccinated my daughter and when I moved here to the US I noticed that the schedule is different from Canada. There are also vaccinations that are not done in Canada that are done here in the US. The one that alarmed me was the Hep A or B given at birth. I’ll discussing a delayed vaccination schedule with my pediatrician for my next baby.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in Aug 94, four months after I had my wisdom teeth removed and went into shock. I was 21 and boy was I ever pissed off. I had all my vaccinations when I was a kid and so did my sisters. I’m still the only diabetic T1 in my family on both sides.

Thank you ladies for all of your responses! Please continue to share your stories about vaccinating your children. I really appreciate the insight in this very important decision.

Nancy- I’m actually writing it in my birthplan that I do not want any vaccinations given to my daughter. If I change my mind later, I can vaccinate her later. I hope they listen to me.

I’m pretty sure you have to sign a consent form for them to vaccinate (insurance coverage) so just make sure you read everything you sign or refuse to sign anything until your head clears.

I agree with Kristin. Vaccination is a public health issue. While it is true that your child may have a lower risk of contracting many diseases because other children are vaccinated, it is also true that if any of these diseases were to show up again, unvaccinated children would be the ones contracting them and spreading them.

However, I understand your concern and I hope you will share with us some of the research that you have read.

Thanks so much Super Sally. That is so reassuring. I usually get badgered when I say that I’m not vaccinating my kid. It’s nice to hear that I’m not absolutely crazy and a bad mom for considering this. It’s a battle with the doctors, though, and I’m worried about how I"m going to keep them away from my daughter with their needles!

I know it’s only a possibility of the vaccinations being the cause of these things and I know that vaccinations have seriously helped keep our species alive in the past when there were epidemics of serious medical conditions. But, everything in me is saying not to vaccinate her. I could burst into tears with how strongly I feel about this.

When my sister gave her baby the H1N1 vaccine, I wanted to shake her. But, by then it was too late, so I just wished her the best of luck. It’s so scary the things that are pushed upon us. I’m getting to the point that I dont trust anyone in the medical profession anymore.

I am a one-semester-before-graduation college student who is very interested in vaccinations/antibiotic use/public health. I do not have children, no Ph.D (yet :-), and no M.D. But here is my opinion and a few facts for what they are worth.

There is NO, absolutely ZERO connection between vaccinations and autism. The loser who first said there was a connection was intentionally lying and doing so for political reasons, if I remember correctly. (…)

Secondly (and sadly), vaccines are less than 100% effective. The reasons vaccines work (when a large majority, ideally all, of the population is vaccinated) is due to Herd Immunity ( More people vaccinated = less of a chance the bacteria or virus finds a good host (remember vaccination is not 100% effective) = smaller chance that the disease will spread from one person to another = chance for eradication.

In my opinion and from what I have learned (I am not attacking you or anyone specifically), those who are not vaccinated can represent a hole in this screen-like protection that vaccines give the population.

I have a hard time believing everything that doctors (MDs or PhDs) say. Heck, I have a hard time believing everything ANYONE says! That being said, for a non-MD perspective on the vaccine issue, I just completed a Microbiology class in which the professor (female, Ph.D, highly successful, doing research with microbes, etc) spoke with us about vaccinations and antibiotics. She herself has two young children and chose to vaccinate them and recommends the same to everyone else.

Bottom line: it’s your choice (thank God we even have a choice!) and the only thing I ask is that you do some of your own researching, speaking with EXPERTS in their fields (neonatologists, immunologists, researchers, public health experts) and make an informed decision.



A great topic to discuss.

We are on the fence ourselves about this issue.

I was actually quite shocked when I learned that the school I wish to attend next year requires proof of all my vaccinations! If I can’t prove it, they require me to redo a certain number of them. Insane. As well, I’ve been told that I cannot work in my chosen career (within a hospital) without proving my vaccinations. I don’t know if this is routine across all of Canada, I would suspect it is.

What does this say might happen in the near future with our children? Will daycare centers and schools require proof of vaccination before I child can attend? Will our doctors refuse service if your not vaccinated? Just a thought…

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure in the US you do have to have your child vaccinated if you want to send him/her to public school.

Hospitals have to have their employees vaccinated–think of all of the immunocompromised patients.

It may vary from state to state, but in my experience you can have your kid in public school without vaccinations if you either have a medical reason provided by your doctor, or if you are a member of a religion that does not allow vaccinations (Christian Scientists probably most commonly fall into this category).

I know my friend’s son goes to public school without any vaccinations here in Oklahoma, even though vaccinations are technically required.

in much the same way that there are “alternative” medicines, “alternative” media remains “alternative” and not mainstream…

Lizzie That is a great loophole. We were thinking we needed to home school her if we didnt vaccinate. Which still isnt out of the question. We’re both really smart- but I’m concerned about her getting a good amount of social skills growing up that she wont be easily accessed to while home schooled. So many decisions!

I just got the welcome kit for my hospital. My state requires an eye ointment within 1 hour after birth, a Vitamin K shot within 4 hours and a Hep B within 4 hours. My husband is okay with these (even though he’s as anti-vaccinate as I am), but I’m still a little leery. He says the Hep B can be contracted through under cooked foods. He thinks baby can be exposed to under cooked foods through if I ate some and then breastfed her. I’m still afraid. Any thoughts?

We will have all of those things as well. I am OK with each of them.

I know I’m late responding here Marps, but I also thinnk that the US is pushing vaccines down our throats. I’m not a parent or pregnant yet, but am sort of thinking that if/when I do have a baby, I will maybe consider some vaccines, and not others. Only b/c I feel like the amt of vaccines suggested for children now are so many more than when we were kids…? I also don’t think any should be given to a tiny baby, and wouldn’t want any at birth either. I hope you feel good about whatever decision you land on, and of course, as you state, you can always change your mind :wink: